The Week that Was – 3.38…

You might be fooled into thinking that this is the endless summer…


But we almost had a spot of rain this week… almost but not!!! Even so the temperature has dropped and we are no longer above thirty degrees Celsius (about 85 degrees Fahrenheit) and everyone put on sweaters!!! But this is not stopping some of us from sunbathing!!!

And swimming and swimming and swimming…

And couch surfing…



And the garden salad is coming to an end and I need to think about planting an autumn/winter garden…


Anyway the week began with a lovely surprise – a public holiday that we had totally forgotten about and certain people discovered the father person in bed when he is normally long gone!!


So we had a day of fun with friends…


And other folks bags are always more interesting than your own…

and bouncing…

and swimming…


And just checking things out…

and racing…

And yes, even Grace Kelley was there…

And when everyone was done the Father person joined the races…

And ice-creams all round…




And cooking outdoors on the fire…

Otherwise there was heaps of decluttering and sorting and ditching!!! While piles of school books wait to be sorted, but I was finishing up with the decluttering first, be impressed it is killing me!!! We may have received our Sonlight boxes but as usual I left something totally crucial out of my order!!! EVERY TIME I do this, except this time I left out the thing that turns all those books into a Sonlight Curriculum… I never ordered the IG’s, which are the schedules and handbooks and well everything… So now I need to stop and think… What to do? What to do? Why on earth did I do that… breathe through this moment!!! Breathe… At least we have all the books and more than one person is enjoying the boxes!!!


Big sisters helping little sisters – wiping the tears from her eyes while they brown the onions!!! Oh the serious drama of it all!!!


The artwork of the week has to be the chandelier… I love it!!!


And the books of the week: Our resident chef has discovered Horrible Harry… and is stumbling his way through his first chapter books!!!

And this is What the Hoods got up to:

Hood #1: Started photography from a totally angle…


Hood #2: He made a helmet to match his other summer inventions…


He is taking his summer recycling very seriously!!!

Hood #3: Was all about the hat, this hat and that hat and any hat!!!

Hood #4: Was as usual the bounciest by far!!!



Hood #5: Made himself a bed of sticks… turns out it was more comfy to sit beside it!!!


Hood #6: Was the most enthusiastic athlete by miles!!! Happy, happy, happy!!!

Hood #7: This week was all about playing and playing and playing, little conversations and little families, chatting away non-stop!!!



Hood #8: Is going through a dog phase and will seek and find dogs wherever he can…


Even in teeny tiny pictures – got one!!! “D-dog, woof”

And was able to interrupt his observations…

For more serious play:



That’s us – Hope you have a great week!!!

7 Replies to “The Week that Was – 3.38…”

  1. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. I hope that you’re going to do a bit on planting a winter garden. I’ve always wondered how to go about planting and protecting one. Maybe next year I’ll have the space to do it in.

  2. Hi. Happy Box Day. I would offer to add the IGs in with my box, but we will only be ordering in a few months. Is that pool and trampoline a local public delight? Or a secret, private holiday spot? I’m always on the look out for new places and after 6 years here I still regularly find new things I’d never heard of right in my back yard.

  3. Oh oh oh Hood #8 is cute!

    As for IGs, you know what, we have done without them for a few months now, because they are ON THE SHIP (which apparently is now in Canada), and it has been quite fun and free to use the stuff our own way for a while. I guess you need will Language Arts, though, and a while is one thing, a year quite another. I always forget to order something(s) too!!!
    Let us know if we could post something from here for you!

  4. HI Brigitte.. Thanks for the kind offer, our troubles are being amended as I type!!! And I wish that was a spot open for public consumption. It was at the Rocklands Campsite in Simonstown where friends of ours were staying for the long weekend. We have lived in the South Peninsula our entire married life and we are also still finding places to visit and things to do!!! There is no encapsulating guide book… we have the let’s go out and take a peak attitude!!! Hope you have a fun week!!!

  5. Hay Jacki, Isn’t he darling!!! I know I could just chill out and use our books but I love my IG’s I really don’t think I could school without them. Frankly!!! I really can just give my kids their sheet for the week and we can read our way through it… I imagine I would do a whole lot more running around than ever before gathering everyone together and checking that they had done everything. Luckily I don’t have to resolve this, we have ordered the IG’s and they are on the way to us as we speak.

  6. I am waiting for the 4th April, next week monday to order our next core. If you would like send me a message and I can add your IG to my order.

    We will also only be starting now.

  7. Hi Sands… Thank-you so much!!! This is what I love about Sonlight everybody is so kind!!! Sonlight have been fantastic and sorted out my troubles, we should have all our IG’s and be good to go next week!!! Hope you have a great day!!!

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