An Easy Easter Tree in Se7en Steps…

Well after a week of the pharaoh watching over every keystroke we have finally reached the Easter weekend.


Finally it was time to start decorating our Easter tree…

We made some watercolor eggs…

  1. The simplest easiest craft really. We began by blowing eggs, a little hole made in the top and bottom of an egg with a pin and blowing away, every time we used eggs this past week, until we had built up quite a collection.
  2. DSC_0906

  3. Then we brought out the watercolor crayons, they are nice and vibrant but don’t leave the waxy smear of pastels, and our waterproof drawing pens and a couple of sharpies.
  4. DSC_0048

  5. And we were off… drawing and drawing and decorating…
  6. DSC_0031








    Our two little girls lasted the longest and worked away telling me all sorts of tall tales… I think they might have needed some extra time with the mother person after a couple of weeks of school under our belts…


    Who knew drawing on eggshells could keep your child busy for hours?


  7. Once we were done decorating we cut pieces of really thin wire to thread the eggs… I always find wire easier for small fingers to thread.
  8. DSC_0082

  9. Just fold the end of the wire to make a little v.
  10. DSC_0084

  11. Thread the v through the top of the egg. Once it is inside the egg it opens up and the wire doesn’t fall out.
  12. DSC_0083

  13. Just pop them on the tree.
  14. DSC_0104




And you are done… Happy Easter Weekend!!!

9 Replies to “An Easy Easter Tree in Se7en Steps…”

  1. What a great idea!! I’ve never seen that before…we are going to give that a try next year! Thanks for sharing! Happy Easter to you and your beautiful family!! 🙂

  2. Your collection of eggs looks beautiful! I love the bowlful of eggs. How lovely that the two girls wanted to take longer. Precious moments! Have a happy Easter and a wonderful weekend.

  3. Hi Denise, My replies are getting “eaten,” I am so glad you liked our project and I hope you and your family have a great weekend!!!

  4. Hay Cheryl, On this fine day where the internet is eating up all my replies!!! Thanks for stopping by, I prefer the bowl of eggs myself… but apparently they have to hang on the tree to be the real thing!!! I love precious moments with my kids and I think they are so clever at finding them!!! I hope you guys have a great weekend full of spring shine!!!

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