Sunday Snippet: Passover and a Platter of Plagues…

We just got home from Passover dinner at church it was fun and real live way for my kids to discover traditions to help them remember the Passover story… This is one part of the Bible I want my children to take to heart and I want it to really stick there. It is so important to understanding all about Easter and the significance of the twelve disciples and Jesus sharing the last supper, the passover meal, together all those years ago.


Last year we did a Moses Scavenger hunt and the year before we crafted a Seder plate to help us remember the Passover…

This year we made a platter of plagues… we began by making a batch of cupcakes.


A cupcake for each of the ten plagues that God poured down on the Egyptians in order to teach them that He was more powerful than all of the Egyptian-made gods. Plague after plague “rained down” on them until the worst and final plague, the death of the firstborn or the Passover. The final plague that finally “encouraged” the Pharaoh to let the Israelites go, releasing them from their captivity and slavery.

Here we go: Ten plagues…

  1. The plague of blood: red icing.
  2. DSC_0947

  3. The plague of frogs: green icing and a candy cut in half for the eyes.
  4. DSC_0949

  5. The plague of gnats: sprinkles.
  6. DSC_0950

  7. The plague of flies:
  8. DSC_0952

  9. The plague of diseased livestock: that’s chocolate icing to look like cow hide.
  10. DSC_0953

  11. The plague of boils: swirls of icing.
  12. DSC_0954

  13. The plague of hail: sugar crystals
  14. DSC_0955

  15. The plague of locusts:
  16. DSC_0956

  17. The plague of darkness: dark blue icing.
  18. DSC_0957

  19. The plague of the death of the firstborn – only families that had the mark of the blood of the lamb splashed on their door would escape this plague.
  20. DSC_0959

And the result…


A platter of plagues… Enjoy!!!

12 Replies to “Sunday Snippet: Passover and a Platter of Plagues…”

  1. VERY nice!

    It is so good to remember the great importance and significance of Passover. Being a part of “the fold” means remembering God’s goodness, and thanking Him for His ultimate sacrifice for us . . . Jesus.

    Blessings this week and weekend!

  2. Hi April O…. Hope you have a blessed weekend too!!! Thank-you… we got your postcards yesterday… happiness revisited!!! Hope you have a great day!!!

  3. What a special and creative tradition!!! I hope the rest of the days leading up to EASTER are filled with love and blessings!!! xoxoxoxox

  4. Oh KM, We have finally shut our books and getting into the whole Easter thing… lots of family fun – gotta love the holidays!!! Hope you enjoy your Easter together!!!

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