The Week That Was… 4.32

Well it is officially freezing and this past weekend may have been the last chance for me to cling onto Summer… we will still get warm days but the weather has turned and it is cold. Well freezing by our standards. About 14 degrees Celsius… yes we are wimps all the way from Cape Town where we try hard not to believe in winter!!!


And some really crispy early mornings…

We had such a busy week that I almost can’t catch up with myself… endless busy-ness and lots of holidays. We have been busy with Passover meals, Two Oceans runners, Easter with friends and a wedding… and that was just on the weekend!!! And of course the ensuing laundry…

And we have some great box projects pending…

And hers…

And self-portraits…

Otherwise we managed things like a sleepover, because one must!!!

And hours of UNO, playing late into the night and the same old winner time and time again…

There were races of sorts…

And what must be last swims of summer…



And as usual some-one would not get out of the pool… until the threat of a spider on the top step was presented… works every single time: leap, jump, out, towel wrapped…

And an Easter tea-party with granny…


And Lego’s…

And who says we are too little for forts, they were quite happy in their house under the chair for hours!!!

And arting…


And the artwork of the week…

Was this one…

And the book of the week: This is a household favorite because who can resist sweet Mick Inkpen stories and especially one about camping and the great outdoors…!!!

"Kipper’s Monster" (Mick Inkpen)

And this is what the Hoods got up to:
Hood #1: Movie Making…


Hood #2: Reading…

Hood #3: A dream she didn’t know she had came true for Hood #3… who was a flower girl for one of her best friends… here she is with one of the bridesmaids.

And her little sister…

Others were more interested in the petals…

Hood #4: Nuts as ever…

Hood #5: Baking…

Hood #6: Playing with petals…

And when the petals lost their appeal there was the basket!!!

And who so wanted to look like her big sister… in a very quiet “wishful” way… and a big sister who let her try on everything… from head to toe!!!

Hood #7: Cried out for waffles…

Wanted to make her hair look better. It isn’t as bad as the chop her older sister managed, but it’s pretty bad… and it is going to take some getting used to!!! Well not bad for a self-service…

And there is not a whole lot left to fix!!!

Hood #8: Is discovering “(h)ats…”

And yes I live with another linear child!!!

May no vehicle be out of place!!!

That’s us… and if you are in South Africa… Enjoy all the holidays!!!

8 Replies to “The Week That Was… 4.32”

  1. It’s amazing to see so many beautiful babies in one place!
    And I love the pool picture!
    And the nature pictures!
    And the pastel self portrait! 🙂

  2. What memories! What fun! What creativity— ALL AROUND! It is so strange to think that now we have sunshine and you will soon have chilly weather.

  3. Hay Stephanie, I love it when you stop by and comment!!! Love that you love our weeks flying by!!! I am so enjoying your snatches of sunshine, it inspires me to get outdoors… the mind is willing but the body less so as the temperature has dropped significantly!!!

  4. Hay Melanie… FREEZING… cold, I think the time has come to haul out the hot water bottles – you can just imagine bedtime with eight eager bodies waiting for their “hottie”!!! Hope you guys have a greta week too… All two days of it!!!

  5. KM… I love hearing from you, we actually have an impending craft… it’s coming!!! Otherwise it has gone from Summer on Saturday to Winter on Sunday and we are so ill-equipped for the cold… already I am longing for Springshine!!! I will have to live warmly and vicariously through all my Northern Hemisphere friends for the next couple of months. Seriously I just don’t know how you survive the cold… and you really have cold – snow in fact!!! And still have smiles on your faces… It is grimaces all round here as the cold is biting!!! Anyway I am off to snuggle my littlest man, who is definitely not sleeping – hope you have a great day!!!

  6. Wow, you are a beautiful family!! Seventh +1 Heaven!! Enjoy these special times with your kiddies!!

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