Saturday Spot: It’s Show Time… A Puppet Stage and The Breakfast Show…

One of the the things on our rapidly growing list of things to do in Winter… was “Show Time”:


And we have been going a bit puppet mad over here just lately… and just supposing you wanted to see us making puppets then this is the week to watch the Expresso Show on SABC3… because we will be making a different puppet everyday this week. Monday to Friday, 5:30-7:30am sometime during the show we will have a few minutes of glory. We are going to try to post a puppet a day until we run out of ideas…


Meanwhile we have whipped up a puppet stage… because you know you need one!!!

It all began with the father person bringing home some amazing boxes from work…


They were splathered with paint…

And cut a window out of the box… on just three sides

And then folded the cut part over to form a stage.

Then with fabric scraps for curtains and a quick stitch along the top, meant we could thread some string through the casing

The attach the curtains to the box with split pins.

The a quick glue and some brightly painted triangles to look like bunting…

And a show time label…

Pop it on a low table and our puppeteers were good to go.

From behind there are still a few cardboard shelves and I am sure we will be able to keep some of our puppets inside the stage when it is not on use.

Meantime here is a round-up of previous puppet projects…


  1. Stick Men on the Crafty Crow.
  2. DSC_0637

  3. Picasso Portraits.
  4. DSC_0635

  5. Bottle Puppets.
  6. DSC_0444

  7. Fabric Friends.
  8. DSC_0650

  9. Teeny Tiny Toothpick Puppet Shows.
  10. DSC02522

  11. Pirate Puppets:
  12. DSC00200

  13. Peg Doll Ponies.
  14. IMG_4207

  15. Where the Wild Things Are – Shadow Puppets.

That’s us for now!!!

9 Replies to “Saturday Spot: It’s Show Time… A Puppet Stage and The Breakfast Show…”

  1. I recorded all the episodes of Espresso and just watch this morning’s show. So good to put a voice to the face and see all your lovely children. Great show. can’t wait for the next shows

  2. Oh Done!!! Thank-you!!! So glad somebody we know watched!!! I can’t believe people are awake that early – a total mystery to me!!! Hope yo enjoy the week!!!

  3. That is AWESOME!!!! i want to come to the next breakfast show! I bet your kids put on the most WONDERFUL shows. :):):)

  4. Hay KM, You would love being on the breakfast show… The kids have a total blast working on it and the crew were fantastic… They stayed jolly and happy and patient and they just filmed, “rolled” again and again as we blundered along in our very beginner style. How they got anything to play back is a miracle – but they seem to have managed!!! It is quite fun to see it after the fact… but it doesn’t feel like us at all – it is just a couple of folk on TV!!! Hope you have a fun fun week!!!

  5. Fantastic! And funnily enough we’ve just made a puppet theatre too (even though it’s summer here) – but I really like your idea of shelves and storage backstage.

  6. Oh wow wow wow! Your puppet theatre is BRILLIANT! All of it! From the bunting to the curtain to the little shelves at the back. How clever you are!!

    Thank you, as always, for stopping by at Kids Get Crafty!


  7. Hay Maggy , we had such fun making it!!! And heaps and heaps of puppets are being made and shows galore!!! Lots of fun and many moments of extreme crafty quiet… followed by a very boisterous audience!!! Hope you have a fun week!!!

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