Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #76…

  1. Gotta have some Fourth of July fun: Here’s the sweet from my friend Katherine Marie… and you know I love s’mores.
  2. And here is the savory from Delia creates, a brilliant flag pizza!!!
  3. This is a post that can trap me all day!!! Who doesn’t like shopping and here you go a A Shoppers Guide from Apartment Therapy to knock your socks off!!!
  4. And some LEGO storage that I actually love!!! Love!!! Love!!!
  5. DSC_0616

  6. And talking of LEGO… Did you know that Cape Town has a Lego shop, called Kiddiwinks, in fact I bet you all knew and you just weren’t telling me!!! But for those of you who don’t knw… It took a bit of arm twisting of my eager children to get there… I kept making them save just a little more, just a little more… well it was so well worth the visit we will definitely be headed there again and again… especially since I think we should be saving for one or three things!!! It helps that there is a Vida right next door!!! Vida is my friend!!!
  7. And I know a little boy who would so love something like this to carry his cars around in… love love love… Maybe I will have to make a momentary visit into the world of stitchery!!!
  8. And would someone like to suggest why oh why International mud day is not on our calendar… take a look at ALL of this muddy fun!!! I have a feeling that everyday is mud day around here… so why celebrate the ordinary… but seriously gotta add this to our calendar!!!
  9. And the se7en+1th Thing:

    Org Junkies 52 Weeks.jpg

  10. This week on Week 26: How Much is Enough?
  11. This was/is my year to get everything sorted and working… Not just decluttering, I am manic about decluttering and getting things sorted but I wanted more… no hidden boxes, no closets that daren’t be opened, no lingering projects, in facts if a project lingers too long them the project can go!!! Half way through the year and 26 weeks of playing along with the Org Junkie. You would think our house would be spick and span a smoothly oiled organized machine!!! Well it’s not, our house looks pretty much the same as it looked on 1 January!!! But I have learnt a whole lot, heaps in fact!!! Here you go se7en + 1 things I have learnt on this project:


    1. Slow and Steady Wins the Race: This is my first long term project, I have always tried to do a huge sort in a week or two, or even a month. I never finish and the same old hateful spots get left time and time again. Things like ancient boxes of photographs… just a couple, but I just never got to them. This time round I am actually getting there. Because I have a year to do this I can’t put those last lingering projects off – I am literally running out of nooks and crannies.
    2. Bit by bit: A little bit every day really works!!! No seriously it does… it adds up. To look at a chest of twelve drawers can leave you procrastinating for weeks… just one drawer a day gets you done on less than two weeks.
    3. DSC_0367

    4. Maintenance: Sorting a closet or a shelf or anything is one thing, like keeping a surface clear… Lovely while it lasts. And there is the thing being organized requires a whole lot of maintenance and I knew that!!! What I learnt is that if I don’t schedule maintenance projects they just don’t get done. So a project done quickly becomes a wreck if you don’t keep maintaining it. It is all about maintaining, maintaining, maintaining… and it is so much easier to keep a craft shelf tidy once it is sorted than letting it atrophy and then doing a total rehaul…
    5. Consistency is key: You really have to put things away… where they belong… every time you use them… to keep things straight and orderly. This is my week point, I start something and I don’t finish, but I start the next thing… which leads straight onto the next lesson.
    6. Finish what you start: Just finishing the dishes before doing the laundry… and we have a lot of both, means that the every flat surface isn’t covered in chaos. I know the laundry has to be hung first thing in the morning else it will never ever dry… so lingering over breakfast and doing the dishes and then getting around to the laundry means a galactic fail of a “laundry day.”
    7. DSC_0382

    8. Just start: So many times a project seemed unconquerable, but once we got started you really can roll with it… twenty minutes later you can have achieved a lot and with two hours you can simply be invincible!!!
    9. Don’t assume perfection: Our house doesn’t look too different on the surface, mostly the same old stuff. but beneath the surface there has been a radical improvement – quite the opposite from previous sorts, where the surfaces were clear but don’t ever look beneath the surface!!! Indeed, going beneath the surface is a rare treat… with a spot for everything and everything in its spot – really, amazing!!! A shelf for old photographs means that every time I find a small collection of them, I just move them to the photograph shelf. Who would have thought that it was that easy. Who knew that I only needed one junk drawer and not a junk drawer in every room!!!
    10. And the se7en +1th thing…


    11. Have a donation system in place: Decluttering gets easier and easier… what was impossible to get rid of becomes very easy, when you start to think of finding a place to store stuff. Often saying “I will get rid of five books” on a given shelf, very quickly became a box of books. And so on. Seriously have a plan or you won’t be able to move for piles of things to get rid of. I set up a weekly trip past the local clinic to drop things off… So fill up a bag behind the front door, drop it in the car when it is full and deliver it weekly. It just couldn’t build up and some folk couldn’t notice just how much stuff was getting going.

    Turns out I have enjoyed getting spots sorted that I never thought would, turns out I love things in order and I am prepared to work for that. Turns out I am looking forward to another 26 weeks… even though it is the harder nitty gritty not been there for ten years kind of stuff… and dare I say photographs!!!

That’s us!!! Have a great week!!!

10 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #76…”

  1. For a month now I have been stalking your blog…it makes me very happy and you do a wonderful job!

    We are future Sonlighters and I am very excited for the fall (September, here in Indiana USA)!

    I think I will be jumping on the Organizing Junkie train soon…and what you said about ‘Just Start’ is exactly right, because once you start it will drive you crazy until its completed (or at least it drives me crazy!).

    God bless and THANKS! You are an inspiration! 🙂

  2. I like that – Sitting back and thinking about what you’ve learned. Slow and steady is totally the way to go, but finishing a project is my biggest pit fall! I’ll start 100 projects, tear up my sewing room, tear apart the house to reorganize, and I end up with one big mess!
    Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Hay JulieK… I think my guys would love a LEGO party but I can’t imagine them giving up their “base” of the week for a party!!!… Nope no parcel, but this is Africa… so I am not afraid!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

  4. Hi Ashley, Lovely to meet you… I love meeting new readers!!! Yup, Just start… I find it so annoying that a project looks at me without being tackled… just start and often the things I was avoiding really weren’t that bad after all!!! Hope you have a great week and that you will continue to enjoy our blog!!!

  5. Hi Kristi… My husband totally put a stop to me starting 100 projects at once… In the olden days when we were just the two or three of us he would go off to work and come home and discover the entire house unpacked… in the name of decluttering it was absolute chaos!!! I would start with one shelf and quickly unpack the closet and then think oooh this actually belongs in the bedroom… so go there and unpack the drawer, and in a moment I had unpacked the entire house and then given up in despair!!! Now I have to do a shelf and finish a shelf… do a drawer and finish the drawer… It is better for all of us that I don’t take on more than I can chew!!! But the temptation to start just another thing is always huge so a time limit helps!!! If I only have fifteen minutes then I just can’t rearrange the entire house – even I have to know that!!! All the best with your decluttering!!!

  6. I may just have to jump on the bandwagon and join in the decluttering. I’m doing some, but I could do with a little more of a push.

  7. Hi Cheryl, Decluttering a little each day has actually become a but of a habit and now I seek something to sort… My work spot was a great place to start today – you have no idea how much junk accumulate even when I am working right there in a spot!!! Hope you find the inspiration you need because it feels so much better when it is done!!! Hope your week has been a good one!!!

  8. Ah well, perhaps it was never meant to be. It had lots of felt and chenille sticks and little goodies. Maybe it will show up sometime when you need a little smile. Know that we are thinking of you!

  9. Ok Julie K, Don’t lose hope… it sounds wonderful and things really can take months we are not exactly on the international social route!!! Lots of love and have a great weekend!!!

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