Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #83

  1. You have got to see Katherine Marie’s Scarecrows… Everything to love!!! She is crying out for Autumn, while we are longing for Spring…
  2. Oh Have a LOOK at Meet Me At Mikes New Books… Love her books, love, love, love… these screeched right to the top of my wish list!!!
  3. I have never seen such a fab GiveAway as the one on Simple Bites right now… Get thee over there and enter!!!
  4. Why Our Parents Put us to Shame, This is such a good post…Why we need to just relax a bit and stop caring about what everyone else is doing and just have some fun with our kids… A very good read.
  5. I love The Contented Sparrow, I love their photographs, I love their fun… Love it!!!
  6. And after writing about our schedule this week, I had to link this great Schedule from Life As Mom, I like the happy hour idea… I need to work on that!!!
  7. If you need a slide show – head over to Kirsty for the cutest collection of Robots…
  8. And the se7en+1th Thing:

    Org Junkies 52

  9. This week on Org Junkie’s 52 Weeks we are at Week 33: Using Weekly Planner Pages for Organizing.
  10. This week a little spring popped out to play and the father person took on the task of getting ALL the bikes ready for summer!!! That is quite a task with eight avid cyclists… there were chains and brakes and about a million cycling tasks to work through…


    The brilliant thing was that everyone was so very busy in the driveway… I had a quick sort and neaten up… fold the unfolded and pop the less laundered into the laundry, as I flew through all the kids clothes… all eight of them!!! I tell you it is so much easier when you do this monthly!!!

    And I still had time before our Saturday Night Pizza guests arrived… So I sorted through the kids treasures… I tell you the more often you do it the better…

    I whipped through their drawers, tossed the obvious recycling, and put away the things that hadn’t been put away – returned copious amounts of Lego to the lego box, duplo to the duplo box, zoobs to the zoob box… Do you see a “packing away” problem!!! Grabbed those bazillion recalcitrant marbles that are not meant to wander, and removed all pens to a place of safety… because we have a very young man who is passionate about drawing anywhere.

    I thought my kids would moan because I did it without consulting them but they were thrilled!!! They are so used to me plonking everything out and saying let’s sort. They went out worked on bikes and came in and all their stuff was neat. They loved it!!! Frankly, from time to time it is worth lending a hand!!!

That’s us!!! Have a fun weekend!!!

6 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #83”

  1. It sure looks like you guys have a SPRING over there– SUN SHINE and sorting out treasures! THANKs for the link and THANKS for your ever lovely round up. #4 sounds so interesting… how can we RELAX and simply soak up these sweeties?

  2. Hay KM… I am hoping that wasn’t spring… it is so cold and wet today…. and quite honestly it is so cold right now as to give you an ice cream headache… there is frost off my breathe and that’s in the lounge!!! We are smothered in blankets and hoping that spring will surface for real really soon!!! Otherwise I got an awful lot done… just the thought of warm weather spurred me on!!! I have so many ideas pending for the garden and they are going to have to stay pending until we get some warmer weather!!!

  3. I had to chuckle to myself ……. when I read your sentence: “The brilliant thing was that everyone was so very busy in the driveway… I had a quick sort and neaten up” ….. I actually thought you were going to say that you had a quick nap!!! You really do accomplish so much in each day that you are an inspiration! And then to have guests that evening as well!

  4. Oh S, I just burst out laughing … NAP!!! Guests are wonderful, never knock visitors, for getting projects finished timeously!!! If we didn’t have visitors then we would just leave the mess lying around for days… and then a few more days!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

  5. I think you are right that sometimes it is best to tackle accumulation on your own. I sometimes fill a box with their unwanted things and store it. If they don’t miss them in a few months, then they are gone. Sounds harsh, but I do try and sort through with them in between times.

  6. Oh Cheryl, I have to say the best way to sort stuff is to do it alone, but it isn’t very diplomatic – “one man’s treasure is another man’s…” and all that!!! It is always a better job when I work alone and somehow the discard pile is significantly bigger as well!!! I also box and discard, you just have to for sanity’s sake!!! Your walk looked lovely, green and fresh and lovely!!! Pity about the batteries… really a pity!!! Hope you all have a good week!!!

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