Saturday Spot: Se7en of the Best Pinterest Posts…

My Saturday Spot is a virtual one this week. Pinterest is really a virtual pinboard, an internet inspiration board of the virtual kind or an organized visual bookmarking system. It is perfect for someone like me whose inspiration is found online. I don’t have a real inspiration board above my blogging spot… but I do have a virtual one and Oh swoon the fun, the inspiration and the brilliant way to store all the things I love.

se7en_hoods (se7en_hoods) on Pinterest

So what is the point of it and how do you connect to others… when you pin something, for instance a great craft for kids, then you are connected with the folk that would be interested in that Pin, that craft. So folks that have similar interests are connected by what they pin. I love pinning kids bedrooms, but bathrooms not so much… I have connected with other folk that pin kids bedrooms… but I haven’t yet met the folk that pin pictures of bathrooms!!! Similarly, I haven’t pinned any lean and energetic athletic types performing any number of energetic feats on my boards, I also haven’t connected with any lean and energetic types that are pinning their inspiration on Pinterest.

This is how it works… you sign up for an account – or you get an invite to join – you just have to ask!!! And then when you confirm your sign up you get a little widget button to pop into your browser… You construct a couple of “Pin” Boards and then whenever you see something you like or a project you would like to try then you just pin it. If you find someone with style you love you follow them too and share the inspiration.

I am still totally new at it and it requires a conscious effort to remember to pin something rather than bookmark a site as I usually do. The wonder of it is that it is so quick and easy to pin something and then so easy to find the image again when you are looking for it. When you click on the image that you pinned it takes you straight back to the page that you pinned it from. So that craft image will take you straight back to the tutorial and the I can’t tell you how brilliant it is for recipes…

se7en_hoods (se7en_hoods) on Pinterest

Slowly but surely I am filling the boards I have and these are the sort of boards I have:

If you follow my blog then you will know that I am no technical expert and if it were up to me you would never get going or understand how it all works… so I gathered my wits and went searching for all the great posts I have read about Pinterest. All in one spot for you to read and learn…

  1. A Beginners Guide from Sorta Crunchy. This post has absolutely everything you need to get started.
  2. Pinterest 101: A tutorial from the Daily Digi.
  3. Of course MomCrunch has a quick and easy to read post on Pinterest, and makes a good point, it is a great place to go for a break and a relax!!!
  4. LMNOP has so much inspiration and so many goodies to love… if you follow nobody else on Pinterest then follow them…
  5. Katherine Marie’s Enthusiasm for Pinterest knows no bounds… and she has a really easy introduction to understand…
  6. Vita Familiiae describes how Pinterest saved her marriage and has a great idea for a board packed with things to show her husband!!!
  7. Here’s a Typical board: 100 Days of Summer by Amy Clark, Just the sort of board packed full of things to love!!!
  8. And the Se7en + 1th link:

  9. How to Use Pinterest for Homeschool Inspiration from Simple Homeschool.
  10. And finally:

  11. I love this post… Where exactly do we find our inspiration?

There you go, some fun inspiration to get your week going!!!

13 Replies to “Saturday Spot: Se7en of the Best Pinterest Posts…”

  1. Hi Ruby, I have heard it can be addictive, but I love blogging to much!!! I tae little breaks to pin but it hasn’t sucked me in for hours and hours yet!!! I think I have too many little distractions!!! Hope you have a lovely day!!!

  2. OHHHHHHHH you are soooooo bad. I just got to this post and I am so wanting to finish looking at it but I have no time – have a workshop to present in just a couple of hours and it’s not finished yet – now I am going to be antsy all day to get back here and investigate this – can’t wait, gotta wait, got to wait! ohhhhhhh the thought of it. Thanks for the mental boost this early in the morning – reason to get my workshop done !

  3. Oh, I set up a Pinterest up ages ago and have done nothing with it. Madness. I need to put my inspirations in some kind of order. Maybe when the house is empty.

  4. Hay Cheryl, I love Pinterest… it is such fun, it is like reading magazines and storing all the things you love in one place… only there is no clutter!!! I find it refreshing but can’t sit at it for hours. Not as addictive as people might think, I can only take so much loveliness and then I have to get back to work!!! Fabulous for a break and I pin away while I wait for photographs to upload to flickr… I also signed up ages ago and for the longest time just looked at what other folk where pinning!!! Try it… it is just a bit of inspired fun!!!

  5. Hay Megan!!! What can I say such a great post deserves all the link love it can get!!! I saved it for the longest time, waiting until I had se7en great links, you were clearly the leader of the pack!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

  6. Hay JulieK. Thanks for the tip… the great thing about Pinterest is it is all about potential projects – I don’t actually have to do them!!! So we do have one pallet… but I think it is going to be attached to the jungle gym in some fashion or other, rather than used as a bed for one of my bed less children!!! Hope you are having a fun weekend!!!

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