Sunday Snippet: Bringing Up Girls – A GiveAway Winner…

I know you are looking for a Winner for last weeks GiveAway… Sunday Snippet: Bringing Up Girls – A GiveAway And this books was on offer:

A big thanks to you ALL for taking time to enter, I think you all may really want to win books for your kids!!! And thanks again to Christian Book Distributors for giving us more great books.


And here you all are:


Chopped and mixed them up…

Tossed them in a hat…

And a young man shut his eyes and picked a winner…

And there you are…

That’s Comment # 35…


And comment #35 was Meliah // Aug 31, 2011 at 3:44 pm What a wonderful book I have 2 girls they are 8 & 7 and I have been looking for some good books to read to help them plus my hubby needs 1 haha. Now to find 1 for the boys.

Congratulations to you. Look out for an email from us, we will contact you and we will be sending your book on to you as soon as we can!!! And to all of you who entered… Come back next week. I have another fabulous GiveAway lined up for you all!!!

Have a great day!!!


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4 Replies to “Sunday Snippet: Bringing Up Girls – A GiveAway Winner…”

  1. how did I miss this contest? This is why i should read your blog daily. No more holidays for me! I will reform and try to read you daily once again.

    btw, i gave you blog award on my blog. play along if you like, but don’t feel obligated

  2. Hi H, I am sorry you missed the GiveAway… I would have loved just one more comment to make it fifty entires!!! Keep on reading and thanks so much for the award!!! Have a great day!!!

  3. Yeah I am so excited we have been out of town and I just finally got to catch up on your family and I am just so happy . Thank You so very much!!!

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