Saturday Spot: The Kitchen Takeover…

So our car broke down a couple of weeks back and we have been pretty much house bound. Except in a mad moment when we decided to try and start it and rolled it down the hill outside our house and still it wouldn’t start… Then we had to push it up the hill and into the driveway… Praise the Lord for some very kindly passerby’s who came and helped us return it to the driveway. Hood #2 had his moment of glory doing the steering. But if it weren’t for those kind folk going for a gentle evening stroll I could still be propped up against the back of our VW Kombi unable to push, and yet so wedged as to be unable to move… laughing hysterically because sometimes that is the only thing to do!!! We have been venturing out in shifts and the father person has been lifting too and from extra-murals… and I was expecting a bit of a humdrum weekend… It has been cold and wet and the weather a bit inclement, not great for a walk… And my kids saved the day!!!


It all began with Captain Cuddles, who hadn’t been out grubbing for a day or two, on account of the weather, and so he brought his mud pile indoors, porridge folks really does make the most wonderful “sand,” not to mention mud. He had a wonderful play in the middle of the kitchen floor and then to top it all he cleaned up!!! Oh he cleaned up!!! And there are indeed times when I am glad the father person isn’t always home to see what goes on in his house!!! Meanwhile no-one else was around because they were plotting and planning the Grand Cookie Challenge!!


There was pouring…


And adding…

There was stirring…

There was rolling and cutting…


And plenty of dusting…

And there were results!!!

Plenty of delicious results!!!

Of the yummy variety…

Of the scrumptious variety…

What did I learn? That left to their own devices my kids can actually manage in the kitchen – completely. Seriously these guys could open a coffee shop if they weren’t doing school!!! They can even clean up, the only reason I knew they had been there was that there were lots of goodies for dessert and a fine layer of flour on everything!!! But hay, the dishes were washed and put away, the ingredients packed away and that’s more than I can say for a lot of my cooking escapades.

There were:

Turns out it was quite a fun and industrious weekend after all!!! Well done to Hood #2 whose inspiration it was and who took on the management of a number of concurrent recipes, chefs in training and well – mess!!! And won!!! Well done guys you did a great job…


10 Replies to “Saturday Spot: The Kitchen Takeover…”

  1. WOW!!!!!!!!! A chance to eat cookies all day? I’m surprised you didn’t have the entire town at your front door. Your cookies look scrumptious and I hope you have a fully working auto soon! xoxoxoox

  2. Hay KM, There was indeed a great spread, my kids were so tired they had to save them for the next day… it really took them all weekend!!!

  3. Yum Karen indeed… days later and we still have cookies!!! They are definitely going to be doing the cookie baking at Christmas… I can’t believe I can pass the baton on so soon!!! Hope you have a brilliant week!!!

  4. Hay Aunty Muffin!!! I know… let them be… and who knew they would clean up!!! They can definitely hijack my kitchen again!!!

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