Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #92


  1. Have you ever thought of podcasting – no me neither, but take a look at this amazing 10 step post, from The Podcast Guy, it really can be done by regular folk… I am thinking about it and of course my kids are totally dead keen!!!
  2. So I am not thinking about Christmas just yet – but would you take a look at this incredible Gift List from Meet Me At Mikes… Seriously if you are looking for something to do or you want to learn a whole lot of new craftiness then this is the way to go. Everything is there: crochet, edibles, gifts in jars, amigurumi, picnic blankets, books to make, tea cozies, lunch sacks, tote bags, wallets, printables – you have to look at this fabulous post – of everything you will ever need for hand made crate!!!
  3. Oh you are going to love this: A VW Camper Van from LEGO… I just love it!!!
  4. Would you look at our special mention on Yuppie Chef… and you can see something of all the Enkosi Cookathon entries over here – what a fun competition to be part of!!!
  5. And I totally loved this Monster Craft Round Up on the Crafty Crow – absolutely everything to love!!!
  6. Now here is a garden in the making – perfect fun!!!

  7. Finally… When it comes to Christmas cards – and family pictures I need all the help I can get, seriously with eight kids how on earth do you take a good photograph!!! Sesame Ellis by Rachel Devine blog, is packed with photography tips. We reviewed her book a Kids Photography Book CLICK a while back…and I just spotted how Planning with Kids is using the book to help make her Christmas cards – great idea!!!
  8. And the se7en+1th Thing: If you feel like organizing!!!

    Org Junkies 52

  9. This week on Org Junkie’s 52 Weeks we are at Week 43: Prioritize Your Daily Top Three.
  10. I must say I need a top three… but a different sort of top three that would require just as much organizing as rearranging a closet…

    1. Sleep: I need to sleep better… know it and haven’t done anything about it for the longest time!!! The kids are waking me up earlier, which is great but I am going to bed no earlier. There is a deficit!!!
    2. Exercise: Otherwise without a car I am not getting to gym – sob!!! So I need to think of an exercise plan and fit in a walk down to the beach a couple of times a week. I know that I am a better human when I have had some exercise!!!
    3. Relax: To relax I read… and I haven’t been reading nearly enough this whole year!!! Well I have been reading but not enough books… Well books for me!!! Tons of books to my kids and tons of books for my kids but not nearly enough books for me. Lots of non-fiction… and lots of blog ideas – but not get “lost within” “can’t put down” books and I miss it. My daughter has challenged me to read my way through all the Sonlight books I haven’t read yet on our shelves. I confess there are tons of them and it could take me a year… I may even rise to the challenge and try and conquer the school bookshelf. The reason we get Sonlight schoolbooks is because they are fantastic reads for all ages… Yes I think the time has come!!!


    As far as organizing: This week was the week to tackle the art and stationary supplies… all of them… Mine and the kids. Everything was in such a mess. I think because it is in constant use by so many of us – and everyone always has a project on the go. The first step was to thin it out somewhat!!! We really use crayons and markers and pencil crayons in this house. Markers get used constantly and we always have a gathering of jars stuffed with lidless markers – and the ones that were capped were capped with the wrong color cap! It was a project I have been dreading and it turned out to be not nearly as bad as I expected!!! Turns out tossing the pens and markers that no longer worked and just putting things back where they belong can make a tremendous difference – not exactly rocket science!!! We are all looking forward to Monday and getting going with school – its like a fresh new year with things in their place and ready to use. I should have done this ages ago…


    Now I need to work on finding a place for our paints… because for some mad reason we have a ton of them… watercolor paints, enamel paints, powder paints, craft paints, fabric paints… All ancient and I am sure more than half of them are beyond use, just throwing out the unusable paints would make a big difference to the stash. Our paints definitely need some order in their chaos they may well be taking over our lives. Right now we store them in a giant tub. As my kids get older and want to do endless projects on their own we need to find a place where the paints can be accessed by the older kids who are quite responsible, but not by the littlest kids who can get a bit too creative!!!

    That’s us!!! Have a great week…

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  1. Hi there Planning Queen, Wow. So thrilled you came by and commented!!! Your post was fantastic… made me fly back and reread chunks of my book – your tips were spot on and a great reminder that I need to get on with this… normally I put the Christmas photo off until the last possible moment – I am so much better equipped to try it a bit sooner thus year, thank you for the reminder!!! As for Meet Me At Mikes – is that not the most incredible list!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

  2. Hehe, the Podcast Guy is great:) I hope you get into it when we finally get the instructions up! I promise, they ARE coming soon!

    I got my kids the lego camper for Xmas one year with a bike on top. So cute. Wish I could hop in and go on a jaunt:)

  3. Hi Annabel Candy, Thanks for commenting!!! I have a feeling that podcasting is the way to organize my thoughts for the eventual book… if you can’t say it clearly then you certainly can’t write it down… So looking forward to getting going. Don’t know why I never thought of it before!!! Wouldn’t I love if they made human size lego campers… we could sure do with one!!! Hope you have a great weekend… Nearly there!!!

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