Saturday Spot: The Scratch Patch…

If you follow our blog you will know that our “Volkswagen people mover van” went in for repairs about six weeks ago, only this week they called us and charged it for repairs… Actually they were charging us to take our car off their floor and it will never really go anywhere again. We have been doing well without a car, walking everywhere: the beach, the store, the library, not to mention seriously reducing our Green footprint!!! But the thought of never having a family outing again sent me into a bit of despair… I know never say never – but I always do!!! Now the father person has a small car that he uses for work so we are reduced to spinning one or two kids out to extra murals in the evenings. Well I noticed that a bit of cabin fever had settled in with my two little girls. Time for an outing with just two kids – how totally weird is that!!!


Yes a quick trip to the Scratch Patch… I think perhaps the Scratch Patch is part of the heritage of almost all Cape Town children… and yet somehow these two have never ever been there!!! The thought of taking Se7en + 1 children scavenging for treasure en-masse has always left me a bit intimidated…


But two young ladies who have absolutely no fear of pirates, who are ready to take on the world were quite able to walk around the very adult shop and totally reinterpret their previous idea of “What constitutes a rock!!!”


And from there straight onto a watery world of waterfalls and little streams…

And in the streams there was indeed treasure…

Oh the heady discovery!!! And no older siblings to spoil the surprise – they had no idea that there was a world of treasure so close to home!!!

Two little people – bended over double for the longest time:


Hardly believing their luck!!!


Gathering treasures and skipping around…

Picking and choosing…

Selecting and reselecting…


Picking and choosing…


This is indeed an ideal place for little people… to spend a drizzly weekend…


Home we went, each with a bag of little treasures… every body happy!!!


Cabin fever cured. Treasure collected and a surprisingly good time with just two of my kids!!!

6 Replies to “Saturday Spot: The Scratch Patch…”

  1. That does look fun. Your two girls look like they enjoyed it and which little girl wouldn’t. Love the idea of stepping on the stones. I might have been tempted to lie down and make a snow angel ….. make that a stone angel!

  2. Hay Cheryl… So good to hear from you again!!! The stones are exactly that – very tempting to fling yourself in and make some stone angels – though I can’t imagine it would be too comfy!!! They spent ages just running their fingers through the stones – clinking away…. Lovely!!!

  3. Hay Teri, Thanks so much for stopping by… We are quite enchanted by that pixie smile as well!!! Have a fun Sunday!!!

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