Se7en Make Paper Clip Necklaces…

Well we finally got into Christmas gear this week and there has been a craft frenzy going on here… none of which I can show you at all… ‘Tis the season for extreme secrecy and no cameras behind closed doors!!! But here is one quick bit of craftiness that we can can show you…


All you need is a collection of paperclips and scraps of paper cut into strips.


We began by practicing and trying out wrapping different papers around paperclips:


Magazine paper and gift wrap are just so easy to use. Tissue paper was hard to work with and stiff paper is also tricky to fold easily.

Here’s how: Start by wrapping one paperclip, then slip another paper clip onto the chain, wrap it and add another paper clip to the chain… and so on and so on…


And then you just keep going… the last paperclip you just add to the beginning of the chain and cover the final bead.


You can make bracelets…


And necklaces…


And before you know it…


You have spent an afternoon creating strings of paper clip beads – such fun!!!

11 Replies to “Se7en Make Paper Clip Necklaces…”

  1. A Craft FRENZY!!! What fun! I wish you the most lovely and amazing CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas (including this one) that you’ve so kindly shared with us this year. Ten million Christmas hugs from my family to yours! xoxoxoxox

  2. Oh KM, Merry Christmas to you and your sweet kid do’s. I hope every dream came true and your day was filled with magic!!! We got your package and loved every single little detail…Wonderful to have real live Crayola’s and Katherine Marie’s treats!!! You are just the sweetest friend in the world!!! Your package is on our front hall waiting for a trip to the post office… it is on its way before that sweet infant of yours is grown up and off to college!!! Lots of very special love to you all!!!

  3. Hay Jacki, Hope you guys had a fun Christmas together on the far side of the world!!! Lots of lekker love from all of us!!!

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