Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #100

Would you look at that 100 Friday Fun Posts!!! And I have so enjoyed these posts!!! So here’s to 100 more!!!


  1. Looking for some Christmas Day eye candy then take a look at She Knows Best Mom Blogs… lovely, lovely, lovely all of them!!!
  2. Messy Kids Celebrated Hanukkah, and so did Crafty Moms Share.
  3. Breastfeeding your toddler: Nutrition and Nuture from PhD in Parenting Features a post on Tandemm nursing from se7en!!!
  4. I was going to do a blog post showing you crafty books from around the web, well Kidstylefile did it for me… Here it is!!!
  5. The only books they left off were the quite divine looking Meet Me At Mikes Books. These books look totally fab to me – as Meet Me At Mikes would say: ACE!!!
  6. When we get home from church later we are going to make Ginger Bread Playdough… from The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle.
  7. And since it is Christmas… I loved this Christmas video and have no idea where I saw it first!!!

  8. And… do you want a peak at my Christmas Gift – you won’t believe it!!! – I didn’t!!! Thanks Alisa Burke…!!!

    And the se7en+1th Thing: If you feel like organizing!!!

  9. This week on Org Junkie’s 52 Weeks we are at Week 51: Eight Daily Habits for Keeping Your House Under Control.

  10. I am a firm believer that a project will take as long as you give it… This year we put it to the test by leaving our preparations to nearly the last minute… and even then I really wanted to make sure that our kids would remember this time as time we spent having fun together… a little less blogging and a lot more partaking in their stuff… reading out loud and playing games.


    On Monday we rested and spoke about what everyone wanted to do for Christmas – what folk wanted to make, eat, and do for Christmas, and we got our gift list in order… we rested up completely because we knew the rest of the week we would be so busy!!!

    Finally elving!!! Some else had better hang the laundry... In the rain!!!

    So on Tuesday we did all our shopping – one trip to the mall and it took about two hours. The father person was taking one day of his leave and has no desire to waste time shopping!!! So it was a surgical strike: in – shop for everything and out again as quickly as possible.

    DSC_0153Packaging lots of little book loving kits for our friends...

    On Wednesday we did any making and crafting that needed doing… heaps of necklaces and book lover kits were made. The easiest book marks in the world… cut the corners off old envelopes and decorate with markers – done!!!

    On Thursday we did all the baking: brownies, biscotti’s and of course a million Christmas cookies.

    On Friday we scrubbed the house, put up the tree and prepared Christmas Dinner and then managed to get some very excited people off to sleep!!!
    We made it ...

    And here we are ready to chill!!! Christmas Day is here and we are all ready to chill out and relax. It really helped that the father person was home and could keep an eye on little people that wandered off mid assignment, he also made sure we had lunch everyday… I know not much of a break but a change is as good as a holiday!!! The biggest factor also was that suddenly my older kids are able to really help… in a practical way – they can gift wrap and create and bake with the rest of them… I no longer have to do it all. Many hands really do make light work. It can be done Christmas preparations in just a couple of days… and even time to spare to paint little Christmas nails…

    Bazillions of teeny tiny nail painted green and ready... Nails done! Prioreties!!! Off to peel veg and rewrap gifts!!!

    Merry Christmas to all our readers, we hope you have a fabulous Festive Season and enjoy the holidays!!!

2 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #100”

  1. 100 Fridays??? Wow! Cheers for 100 more!!! I love all your festive and cheery Christmas pics. The nativity scene is precious. Xoxoxxoxoxo

  2. KM, Can you believe 100 Fridays!!! 100 posts of gathering up my favorite links of the week – it has been such fun and I am so glad that are started these posts!!! Seeking out the best of the rest!!! Hope you have a lovely relaxed week recovering from the holidays!!!

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