Saturday Spot: The Sketchbook 2012

Yes it is that time of year again…


Time for us to create a Sketchbook for the Sketchbook 2012 World Tour… Last year we left it till the last week and it was not enough time… These year we are starting slightly more timeously… it is due to be posted by the 31st…


You can click on the image to red our book on “A Day in the Life…” that we wrote last year – it makes compelling reading for those of you who want to know about life with se7en + 1 kids!!! This year our theme is The Companion Book. So we have three weeks to produce a Companion Book… Right now our book is blank and full of potential…


So I cleared my blog spot of all distractions… a nice minimalist desk – just me and my moleskin, fattening up with blog ideas.


I got rid of all the clutter lying on and about where I work… more or less!!!


I sorted my stationary – I cannot create without bright colors beside me…


I sorted my markers and discovered that I have blog readers round the world that love us enough to send us wonderful, colorful stationary!!! Who knew the variety of markers we had and how I value them… they are all different and work differently and draw differently. Here they are all sorted in my special marker box, fat, thin, waterproof, not waterproof… that my sister made for me – totally cool!!! There are never too many markers in the world… and we have a fresh box of crayola crayons thanks to my friend, Katherine Marie.


Now we need to think about and start putting things into our Companion Book… but what exactly goes into a Companion Book? I am guessing that it is a book that accompanies you… wherever you go. Maybe it needs lists … of favorite things, of books you want to read, of shoe sizes for that matter!!! Or is it more a “How to book”… How to keep the library books under control; How to make mountains of Eton Mess; How to survive life with Se7en +1 Pirates…


What do you think, this is your chance to help us out… We have twenty blank double spreads to fill up and we have as many days… so ideas, ideas, ideas!!! Give us heap of ideas, comment away we really would love to hear from you!!! It isn’t often that I cry out for comments… but at this stage I am dying to hear from you all… What do you think should be in Our Companion Book?

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  1. How about pages filled with each person’s “favorite things” – that seems like a good companion book to your book about life with 8 kiddos. Unless you included those things in the other book… You could do lists as well as drawings or pictures of the favorite things. Whatever you do, I know it will be full of creativity!

  2. Hmmmmm… I LOVE the favorite things idea! Just brainstorming here… Word -a-day, ideas sorted by color, the ABCs of my life, an animal a day with traits that represent your emotions, favorite quotes with pretty doodles, bible verses with colorful cartoons, fruits of the spirit. I want to do one now!!!! I think I would do a colorful TOP TEN each day… Ie my top ten life time reads, my top ten favorite foods, my top ten color combinations… 🙂 I know you will put those markers and crayons to good use! xoxoxxoxoxo

  3. Oh KM, I love you forever!!! Where do you find the time to make beautiful snowmen, look after a brand new baby and think of all these great ideas!!! I may use them all!!!

  4. Ah Domestic Goddesque, Seasons… That is a good idea!!! I am so thrilled with the snippets of ideas… now we actually have to start implementing some of these ideas!!! Thanks so much for stopping by… Hope you have a fab week!!!

  5. companion book hmmm… important things to know, things you can’t do without, survival tips, helpful hints, and food ofcourse… ?

  6. Hi Jacqui, I love the Survival ideas!!! Love it!!! I have a pile of helpful hints… and my kids are all about the food!!! But I have a feeling you just upped the game with survival tips!!! Hope you have a great day!!!

  7. How bout a journal entry for each child about their favorite thing to cook along with a recipe and drawing/picture of it? Or even favorite foods from each country you have been to? 🙂 Good luck and Godspeed!

  8. Thanks Jaime, We are really “all about the food aren’t we!!!” I like that idea of a page per kid, couple of those and we will be done!!! Have a fabulous day!!!

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