Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #102 – A Pinterest Special…


Well this totally was the week of reading PInterest Posts… And I know I have done a round up of the Best Beginner Pinterest Posts before. I’ve also posted Se7en Ways to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic Towards Your Blog, because I really do believe Pinterest is going to be a major player in building blog traffic for all bloggers – whatever type of blogger you are… But this week Pinterest Blog Posts grew up and suddenly there is lots to read about it… So here you go: Se7en + 1 Pinterest Posts that I have to draw your attention too…

  1. It all began on Momcrunch: To Pin or Not to Pin – Does a Blogger Need to be on Pinterest?
  2. If you are on Pinterest then you really want to Link Up with Type-A Parent’s Pinterest Profile Linkup… You do!!! It is so packed with brilliant pinners!!!
  3. And dealing with the Pinterest Etiquette Issues: Life With 3 Boybarians asks is Pinterest Good or Bad for Bloggers? This post addresses copyright issues how to pin and not infringe… and giving credit where credit is due.
  4. Pinterest and Blogging: The Good the Bad and the Huh? So much to learn from the Nester… A whole lot of great points, including: “How to leave useful comments…”
  5. A Guys Guide to Pinterest. I have to say I love that Pinterest isn’t just about homeschool moms pinning school ideas… I love the whole collection and variety of folks. I love that there is something for everyone!!!
  6. What’s Behind the Pinterest Craze? 15 Super-Users Share Their Thoughts. This is such a great read – interviews with top pinners – totally love it!!!
  7. And on the last Friday of every month… Simple Organic has a linkup: “From Pinterest to Real Life,” for those of us who actually do anything with all the pins we pin – for me Pinterest is to look at and love, not a whole lot of action results from it… but when it does I will link up here!!!
  8. And the se7en+1th Thing:

  9. And I just love this Link-Up Pin It Friday on Five Minutes For Mom… Pin up your favorite pins of the week… pop over and see what my favorite pin is… I give you a hint – audio… books… many…

And just in case you think my whole life revolved around Pinterest I thought I would toss in a couple of lovely links – just some fun… enjoy!!!

  • If you are looking for some totally wonderful colorful inspiration then look at Attic 24’s lovely year end review… everything to love!!!
  • Lilla A, with BigKidsMagazine is calling for treasure boats in her latest collection… – I love it!!! We will definitely be making eight boats for this!!!
  • Playing by the Book: has a new series gathering up goodies to listen to about children’s books… Take a look at KidLit Radio News #1… just love it!!!
  • If you aren’t following They Draw and Cook… (check out the cutest avo boats on earth!!! Then get over there and swoon and follow!!!
  • Se7ens January

  • And You know how we love Calendars, and we are working to improve our calendar posts with printables for you this year… Well look at what I have discovered a fabulous blog, where have I been, it is just wonderful: The Children’s Book A Day Almanac – Just loving it!!!
  • No more 52 weeks posts… but I still have a list of organizing that we are working through and may well post a “How to… Series” for you all…
  • And that’s it!!! Hope you all have a fun weekend!!!

    5 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #102 – A Pinterest Special…”

    1. I haven’t ever looked at pinterest… I’m a bit worried it will just eat in to my time. I used to think that about twitter (and it does eat in to my time, but it’s worth it) so maybe I should just give it a go…

    2. Hay Zoe… I should write more about Pinterest! Some days I spend ten minutes on it pinning a couple of things and some days I spend ages checking what all my pin friends have pinned – it is really driven by the user because Pinterest doesn’t require the interaction that other social media require… It is like reading a magazine with all your favorite things and you pop your favorite favorites onto your noticeboard… then you look at what your friends have on their boards and pop anything you like onto your board too. They in turn do the same. You can leave comments for other folk but you needn’t and you are not required to return the “pin favors” that others do because it is all about stuff you love on your boards.
      So it really is a place where folks have gathered all their favorite snippets and you can look at their noticeboards and pin things you love onto your own… you are not required to check anyone’s boards and I certainly have never felt that I had to pin anything… Often when I am battling to get working I head over their for a browse – before settling into some blog work… Hope this helps…
      I am sure you can browse around their site before joining, if you would like an invite ask me – it is about time I learnt how to invite someone to join!!!

    3. I love that calendar! Can’t wait to check on the rest of your links. In a nutshell.. Is pinterest good for bloggers… YES YES YES! I appreciate how it connects us with like minded artists. I also love how is has even become a spiritual tool for me. 🙂 I now have a warehouse for my favorite bible verses and inspirational quotes.

    4. Hi KM, So glad you like the calendar!!! And I’m with you on Pinterest!!! Yes, Yes, Yes… Not to mention heaps of our blog visitors come from Pinterest… Just because friendly readers are nice enough to pin things they like!!! It is a win, win, win!!! Hope you have a fabulous week and get all the snow you are after!!!

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