The Week That Was – 4.28

Astonishingly, we had rain!!!


But really it is Summer and my life is a blur of colorful swimming towels…

And swimming

Plenty of Swimming…
Ready Steady Jump... The boy brigade!!!

And Leaping…
Maybe just one more!!!

And Landing…
Enough already!!! We'll call this one splash!!!

And Leaping…
Hot again!!! I am so catching up with book reading!!!!  Summer priorities!!!!!

And timing races…


And winning…

And observing body surfing for real…

And underwater tea parties!!!


And lizards…

And a whole day spent learning how to make friendship bracelets!!!


We finally got it!!!

And UNO of course…


Otherwise there was time for snacks…


A week of Lego…


And more Lego…


Brothers plotting a grand project…


Yummy fresh bread…

Giant fresh bread for lunch. Yum!!! Wishing some folks around would tidy up really quickly,

Sliced and gone…

And a little person’s birthday meant we had a long glorious walk…


All around the bay…


For our favorite ice-creams at the Ice-Cafe…


As usual we read some books…


And then some more…


And more…

And our book of the week has to be this amazing, amazing book:

And one of our prolific artists has produced about a million art works of the week…



And this is what the Hoods got up to:

Hood #1: Big brothers are great for elaborate forts…


No one was complaining!!!


Hood #2: Woodwork…


And some things I don’t even ask!!!

Hood #3: Soap carving…


Hood #4: Brought the dinosaurs to school…

And the dinosaurs came to school today!!!

Hood #5: Our Celebrity Chef is mastering pancakes – and no one is sorry!!!


Hood #6: Has her own style of Lego…


Hood #7: Is another paper doll girl of note!!!


Hood #8: Has mastered the shrug…


Seriously… the shrug…


And the Saturday ritual of frothy milk with the father person and his cappuccino.


That’s us… Hope you are all having a fabulous week!!!

12 Replies to “The Week That Was – 4.28”

  1. Wow, rain? Definitely different for you right now huh?

    We finally got some snow . . . And then some! We were pretty happy about it though.

    The shrug. Oh my. That is priceless. What a great week had by all.

    Lots of love from us!

    P.S. We all LOVED the Eric Liddell book review.

  2. Hi April O, Always good to hear from you!!! Yes we had a pouring with rain day – it was a great break from all the sun!!! Glad you got your snow. And that shrug… wish I could bottle it up!!! Hope you all have a brilliant day!!!

  3. You now you’ll have to ask about the head gear? Right? Love that shrug. Adorable! Your photos always look like a wonderful summer holiday. What a fun environment to learn in. Your children are never, ever going to want to leave home!

  4. oooh, I’m a bit jealous – we don’t have a pool and it’s been HOT, hasn’t it!! Also, loving the shrug – very cute. Hope the week that is, is great.


  5. Hay Cheryl… The head gear!!! The shrug!!! It sure does feel like summer holidays around here… a day or two left of school for us!!! Can’t believe another year has passed!!! I have to say that this whole childhood thing seems to fly by so quickly – I kind of hope they never leave… But I know they will, the world is waiting for them after all!!! Hope you are having a great week!!!

  6. Hay Georgia… It has been SO hot!!! For years we had paddle pools and blow up pools and any sort of bucket of water… eventually we bought the smallest pool we could find on the market and it has been such a blessing to all of us!!! Seems mad when we live so close to the beach… but there are no sharks in it!!! Hope you have a fun week and it gets a lot cooler for your sakes!!!

  7. Oh how we just love these weekly round up posts! Oh my – that head gear on #2 – what a RIOT!!! And #3…what glorious hair!!! We love all your posts – your weekly updates and the recipes and art projects you write about – and homeschooling!!! We’ve been enjoying your homeschool series and can’t wait for more!!! I had been meaning to write you a great big thanks for the cookbook post you wrote a few weeks back – Cooking for Friends. I was bummed when I couldn’t order it here in the States [yet!] but I found a cookbook by Jamie Oliver that will do for us until we can order the Justin Bonello one!!! THANK YOU for your inspiration – we plan to cook our way through this book this year and I am so excited about it!!! Oh, and the worm farm post – we just loved that one too!!! I hope you have a lovely week full of sunshine!!! Brrrrr…it’s freezing here in the Land of Scorpions [34*F] but we can live vicariously through your boys and all that pool time!

  8. Hay Karyn, from the land of scorpions… You are most welcome to come over and leave brilliant comments like this one on our website every single day!!! Hope you have a fabulous week and happy cooking!!! If we could send you some sunshine…

  9. Hay Corli… How are you guys!!! Can you believe January is almost over… mad mad speedy life!!! Hope you are enjoying your new home and having some wintry fun!!! Lots of lekker love!!!

  10. Summer seems so far away for us as we live in Alberta, Canada (-7c). Oh but seeing these pics has me longing for summer. Enjoy the warm weather you are having. Well actually it looks like to you are. Take care.

  11. Oh Christina, We are loving the Summer!!! It was a long time coming… your summer will come and alas that means ours will end!!! Hope you have a fun weekend!!!

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