Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #107 – A Twitter Special…


  1. First thing first… Of course we are going to play along with International Book Giving Day… And we are going to have a fabulous project for our readers to help us with… because we love it when you all help!!! So hold your breathe for Tuesday… Project time!!! You can read all about Book Giving Day at Playing by the Book…
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  3. Emma Bradshaw is having a Den Building Week – how fabulous is that!!!
  4. Lilla A has a new exhibition: Shoes box houses… make a house before the 21st of Feb. We are going on a shoebox hunt!!!
  5. Let the Children Play had a fabulous two poster this week, I totally love her outdoor play ideas:
    1. Simple Ways to Create a Backyard for Play.
    2. More Ideas for Creating Backyard Play Spaces.c
  6. The Problogger has a new photography book out: Photo Nuts and Post Processing… If you buy it before the 21st of Feb you get a fab discount and entry into his awesome GiveAway and you get to choose the prize of your dreams from a great selection.
  7. Want to see a Sasek Map of the World… Scroll down this page – brilliant… Love it!!!
  8. I totally love Tim Challies’s Visual Theology: The Periodic Table of the Books of the Bible… Just brilliant… a printable or screen saver, all the books of the Bible grouped together to look like the Periodic Table. Very Cool!!!
  9. And Finally, the se7en + 1th thing:

  10. I used to think that twitter was all about folk who write about what they have for breakfast… how wrong I was!!! Twitter is a great place to make friends and fast… you don’t have to wait for folk to comment on your blog and then reply and then reply… it mostly happens now. There is always someone out there ready to offer a little help or encouragement. It is a great place for getting snippets of info everyday – I love those sorts of tweets… little factoids popped into my day. And it is a great place to keep up with local events, restaurants, people… love it.

    This week I thought I would highlight a few of my favorite fun facts tweeters… The ones that I love and adore:

    1. @anitasilvey : From Children’s Book-a-Day Almanac… She posts a fab book every day relating to the date. I know she must think I stalk her but her books are brilliant and I have to retweet her every single day!!!
    2. @UsborneQlinks: Yes they tweet out Usborne-Quicklinks relevant to the day, everyday… I love it!!!
    3. @sharkspotters: This one is for locals… I love to know when there are sharks in the bay – I know we hear the siren… but I still like to be tweeted!!!
    4. @playbythebook: My friend, Zoe from Playing by the Book is fabulous at hunting down snippets for kid-book-lovers… My favorite post/tweet of the week is her Kidlit News and Radio… all the best things to listen to for the week.
    5. @yuppiechef: They are so much more than an online kitchen gadget store… they tweet out fab recipes, local food info, plenty of food factoids and snippets. Love them…
    6. @drawandtravel: From the Draw and Travel Website… they post an illustrated map from places around the world everyday and as a closet traveler I love it!!!
    7. @drawandcook: From the Draw and Cook Website… they post an illustrated recipe and as a foodie I just can’t help being inspired!!!
    8. And the Se7en + 1th:

    9. @NancyDeMoss: Is a Christian author that I just love. She tweets out inspiration everyday. Sometimes a mother just needs uplifting!!!

    If you are new to twitter then you really should read Momcrunch’s Twitter 101: Learning to Chat in 140 Characters or less and the @BlogginMentor’s fabulous Twitter Post: Nine Twitter Tactics: What Works for You?

    Of course if you followed us on Twitter you would know that we spent an entire day this week on mending… just mending… And another day at a Brilliant Book Expo of note… and I have spent a whole day reading one of the books in my swag bag!!!

That’s Us – Hope you all have a fabulous fun weekend!!!

4 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #107 – A Twitter Special…”

  1. Can’t wait to come back on Tuesday and see what you have planned! Very exciting 🙂 And thankyou for including me in your twitter roundup. Like you I used to think twitter was for people who had nothing better to do than broadcast boring details from their lives, but I quickly learned that it’s not like that at all!

  2. Hay Zoe… I am so excited about Book Giving Day – you have no idea!!! After we took books to Lesotho last year we all decided it would be a great thing to deliver books to rural schools in Southern Africa… really there is a desperate need and every book has to count!!! And I have to say thank you to you for all the wonderful research you must do to find the fabulous book-y tweets you find everyday – I love them to bits!!!Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!!!

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