Se7en Steps to a Summer Party…

Last week I revived our party post collection for you and I said this was the year that I getting back on track with parties… Well Hood #7 had a birthday a week or two back and here is her Summer Party in Se7en Steps:


Step 1: Invitation… We cut out slip-slop shapes on funky paper and wrote the party details on the back…


Step 2: Party Starters… Some things have to be done in the summertime and sidewalk chalks is one of them… giant sidewalk chalks are even better…


Armed with chalks the kids drew “everything-summer” while we got ready and waited for guests.


Step 3: Challenging Party Games… There is no limit to summer party games and we played three types of games…


  1. Endless Water Relays:
  2. DSC_0051DSC_0067

  3. Musical Beach Towels:
  4. DSC_0141DSC_0113DSC_0107

  5. Tug of Spray:
  6. DSC_0077



Step 4: Party Crafts… Since this was a party for our four year old daughter… Watermelon Bags were the craft of the day: Cut a paper plate in half and paint it green and pink…


Put your plates together, paint sides facing out and punch holes around the edges of the circumference of the plate. Then we used a funky shoelace to thread our way around the edges… and we were done…

And a couple of black marker spots and our watermelon bags had seeds too.

Step 5: Quickest Piñata… this really is the quickest easiest piñata in the world and can be made on the spur of the moment…

Seriously a couple of sheets of newspaper glued together with a glue-stick and stuffed with some summery goodies to share…

Step 6: Party Foods and the Cake… There is one food that screams summer food to all of us and that is of course watermelon… We snacked on watermelon and kept our super cold juices in an ice-bucket…


And the cake was really quick and easy… Sliced a tub of ice-cream in half and cut out two slip-slop shapes… sprinkled away with hundreds and thousands and added some strip candy and popped it into the freezer until we were ready… done!!!

Step 7: Treasure Hunting… Well this was easy enough too, we hid beach spades all over the garden and had a mad dash… something to pop into their watermelon bags to take home.



That’s it a really easy summer party in se7en steps!!!

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  1. Thanks Aunty Muffin!!! With eight kids chomping at the bit for parties this year I am setting the tone by keeping it really, really simple!!! Hope you have a fab weekend!!!

  2. Oh Sara, Too right we missed last week, a severe case of to-little-to-late!!!So glad you like our summer party and so glad to be back with you all this week!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

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