Se7en + 1 Build an Apartment Block out of Shoe Boxes…

So Lilla A has another project… and when Lilla A calls for some crafty fun we always respond… though the thought of Se7en + 1 shoebox houses dotted around the house was a bit of a daunting to me. I shouldn’t have worried, it instantly became an apartment block and the best play fun in weeks. I tell you there is no playhouse in the world nearly as much fun as the one you have made yourself… and between them my kids had a veritable village of fun!!!


We actually began this project way before we got to shoeboxes… we started by chatting about our dream rooms and what would be needed to make the ultimate room and what a fun project that was!!!

Hood #1: Needed a whole house not a room!!! Place for the helicopter to land and the telescope… and I see a trumpet!!! And a hankering to live on the top floor.


Hood #2: My techno kid, wanted a room lined with computers and banks of plugs and underfloor wiring… and a pool in the center… because everyone needs to cool off when they are working.

Hood #3: Drew a room that looks very like the spot she has… though apparently her room needs flowers on the ceiling and a tray on the bed for doing projects… both totally do-able.
Hood #4: Had a vision for multiple pods in his room… with tunnels and stairs interlinking… the “pods.”DSC_0317

Hood #5: Drew a kitchen, of course, full of busy chefs and look closely at the blue line… that is the stairway to the fire escape!!!


Hood #6: Did not surprise us with a tiny little bed for herself surrounded by a splash of color!!!


Hoods #7 and #8 did not draw a dream room but I did… I have always wanted an attic room, with a deck chair and a lemon tree… And a view of the sea. Inside a nook for reading, a desk for working and a hammock for sleeping in…

A couple of days later, I had gathered all the boxes together, a stack of collage papers… pens, glue and well stuff… and I left my guys to it. Didn’t have to ask them twice!!! Industry followed…









And hours later, I was amazed at how well their drawings corresponded to their boxes, clearly they have a very distinct mental image of their ideal room!!! Even though no-one was quite finished they were ready to play. I have a feeling they will be adapted and changed and played with for ages… really the best crafty fun we have had in a long time.

Hood #1: Managed a wall of books, and I love the eyes on his lampshades!!!



Hood #3: Got her desk under bed!!!

Hood #4: Spent ages making his tunnels and rooms to hang out in.

Hood #5: And then the chef… spent ages pouring through food magazines, looking for things to put into his fridge.

Hood #6: A wild splash of color and there she is with her best friends over for a tea party.

Hood #7: Cut her way through a magazine, looking for wonderful things to pop into her room.

Hood #8: Finally got to use his stickers that he got for his birthday… and turned how box into a dog house, complete with water bowls and a blanket.

And finally – there’s my deck chair, my lemon tree, hammock and basically a good place to read spot.

And here is our apartment block… everybody with their own extra special place to play!!!


And play and play!!!

Thanks Lilla A for another fun project!!!

30 Replies to “Se7en + 1 Build an Apartment Block out of Shoe Boxes…”

  1. Hay Maggy!!! So glad you liked our apartment!!! Just so happy to have something to link up on the day – we’ve been somehow off the pace lately!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

  2. I love them! ALL of them! you have more than a house— you have a colorful, wonderful creative village!

  3. Hay KM, We had such fun making these!!! And the hours and hours of play have made then so worthwhile… seriously we can ditch the dolls house, we totally have our own home made one!!! Hope you have a fun creative week!!!

  4. Hi Alissa, Good to meet you and thanks for stopping by!!! Hope you have fun hosting Kids get Crafty, it is such a cool linky each week!!!

  5. What a great project. Nice to see the design stage. I’m not sure which room I’d like to hang out in most. Hmm. I think I need to find three shoe boxes for the children to do this. Maybe four and I can join in too!

  6. Hay Zoe, This was a very fun project and can you imagine a library of shoeboxes filled with book scenes!!! Wouldn’t it be a good place to hang out!!! Have a great day!!!

  7. Cheryl, Hi!!! Definitely get four boxes and really any box will do, shoe boxes, cereal boxes, computer part boxes… It might have taken an afternoon to make, but days later everyone is still playing with them!!! Hope you have fun!!!

  8. Wow, they spent a ton of time and creativity on making those “apartments” tell them I said they were awesome! I love it.

    Come visit us at Layers of Learning.

  9. Hay Michelle, So good to meet you, So glad you like our apartments!!! Of course I will stop by!!! Hope you have a fun weekend!!!

  10. Hay Sara, We had such fun with this project – So glad you like Lilla A as much as we do!!! Hope you have a fun weekend!!!

  11. Such a wonderful project! Love that you paired the finished products with their initial sketches and I love LOVE your room – sounds perfect for any busy mama! You sketch beautifully too – no wonder your kids are all so talented 🙂

  12. Hay C is for Cape Town!!! Good to have you stop by!!! So glad you enjoyed our project!!! It was a lot of fun – so much more fun when I join in – so I usually do!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

  13. I love this post, and I love to see how you have worked with it. Wow. It is amazing too see how they have managed to transform the sketches into 3d rooms, like hood 4’s tunnels and multiple rooms. Like real architects. They have put so much effort in it, all of them. And I love hood 8’s dog house! Thank you!

  14. Lilla A Thank you for another wonderful project… you just have such fun ideas!!! So glad you liked the collection!!! Have a fun week!!!

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