Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #109

Don’t faint… a Friday Fun – so soon!!! I decided to keep the posts that I have written all ready and steady for you for next week!!! So Friday Fun is going out while it is still Friday – somewhere in the world!!! And your posts for next week are written already – so excited to share them… and we will need a new calendar post up – so look forward to another free printable from us!!! Hope your weekend is awesome!!!


  1. Remember our SketchBook project… Well here is a tour of where all the sketchbooks go… I totally love it – look at all the shelves and shelves of notebooks from all over the world!!! A Visit the Brooklyn Art Library at Lingered Upon. You can click on the photo below to take a tour of our 2012 sketchbook…
  2. DSC_0498

  3. Always wanted to know what vegis were in season… but to find a local fresh veg calendar: Eat-In has the answer – so brilliant!! I think we need to make an art project of this!!!
  4. The Minimalist Mom: 4 Life Lessons from Not Making the Olympic Team. I loved this post on the Minimalist Mom this week, it says so much about taking a chance and giving things your best shot. Love it!!!
  5. And look at this… who wouldn’t like a dedicated space to work, here’s one!!! Step-by-step and totally do-able tips, I just need to think of a creative spot. Ten Steps to a Home Office You’ll Love on Apartment Therapy.
  6. Over at Playing by the Book they are having such a party getting ready for the great Edible Book festival… Obviously it needs to be a classic book. A book that says – “Sigh… Books” to folk…
  7. Oh what to do, what to do:

    Hang on I just had an idea, no another one!!! Families are allowed two entries… Head over there and check it out!!!

  8. Otherwise I love Play food, and Apartment Therapy had play food to drool over this week: Bon Appetit!
  9. World Book Day has such a cool site if you do nothing else this year then head over there and have some fun!!!
  10. And the Se7en + 1th:

  11. And finally, where have I been, House and Leisure featured a local food/garden/”everything I need to know blog” by Matt Allison and I am so excited.

    Our vegi garden was a disaster this year, after three years of rocking success. I think we got a bit ahead of ourselves and planted more interesting vegetables… and all I can say is we must have some very well fed little creatures in our garden and not just bugs!!! Anyway, they ate the lot – everything was eaten: squashes, potatoes, corn… we got a patch of spinach – enough for one spinach pie and nature consumed the rest. So I need to to learn more and this is where I am headed: I’m no Jamie Oliver… Not to mention he has a Yuppie Chef button on his blog – outrageous (!!!) since I only have them on my fridge and I am such a fan of theirs!!! Anyway reading on he has a house/garden/design kind of blog too: Curate This Space. Yay, because local is seriously lekker.

And to all of you eagerly awaiting an address for Lesotho… your email is coming. Today… is the day… before my next blog post I will be emailing all of you… And if you are not on my list but still want to Help us build a library for Lesotho, book by book, then please join in – it really isn’t too late!!!

And don’t forget we have a giveaway going…

That’s Us – Hope you all have a fabulous fun weekend!!!

4 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #109”

  1. been a busy day today (was at a cake shop buying supplies when you tweeted me this morning!!), but lovely to end the day here, with all this goodness. Thanks for spreading the word about the Edible Book Festival, I’ve pinned a couple of your cakes above to the Edible Book pinterest board.

  2. Hay Zoe, Sounds like you had a fun day… hope your babes are so much better!!! Some of those cakes on your interest board are pretty incredible, lets just hope they are not the competition!!! Hope your weekend is wonderful!!!

  3. Did I miss a post with ALL the sketch book details? I’ve been waiting to see ALL of them… I’ll follow the link! I can’t wait to see em! HAPPY WEEKEND!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

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