Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #123 – And the Great Garage Clean-Up…


Let’s start with our favorite fun links from around the web this week, and finally move on to the dreaded garage…

  1. Something to do: Eat for the Earth on World Environment Day…
  2. Something to Make: Suppose you are in a part of the world where it is actual summer, firstly LUCKY you and secondly take a look at this wonderful collection of fifty crafts on TotallyLoveIt!!! And so thrilled to be included in the list!!!
  3. Something to Eat: Kids in the Kitchen Collection on Food Your Way.
  4. Something to Dream: I am totally loving the “We are going on Vacation” Series on BloesomKids.
  5. Something to Follow: This is the week to watch the Problogger and his team of winning bloggers as they head off to Queensland.
  6. Something to Grow: Love this collection of all things green and growing on Apartment Therapy this weekend!!!
  7. Something to Salute: Everything you need to know about the Royal Barge and today’s Jubilee Pageantry!!!
  8. And the se7en + 1th Thing…

  9. This week was the week to finish up in the garage… and as usual as with most projects around the house all I really needed was to take the first step!!! It really took a couple of hours each weekend and the job was done… here’s before:


    Frightening really!!!

    There you go… it is done!!!


    We have a wall with lots of potential projects for our kids that we could never ever get to… As long as we can keep things in the correct boxes and work our way through the projects shelf by shelf… then there is a lot of fun to be had in the garage now – a place that we just couldn’t get into a month ago!!!


    The surface that I didn’t want to become a drop zone… well I popped “the father person’s” bike onto it before hooking it up on the wall and no one put anything else on the sacred surface!!! So maybe I will just leave it there and then there will be a place to do the potential projects!!!

    But otherwise helmets are hooked up and garden tools are corralled,… and beach toys are at the ready!!!


    The only galactic fail is the obvious lack of a bicycle rack… of any kind… hello kids, I know you are reading this!!! Arm yourself with hammers your time is now!!!

    We have a real live plan on how to make racks, from ancient pelmets, which have been lurking in our garage since we moved in. We were a plank short, but given a couple of days and letting my young folk loose with some hammers and nails, we should have a bike rack within the week!!! Exciting times…

    I do declare I liked getting something done – a job bigger than a weekend and yet achievable in a month… So I think maybe we should start another project:

    • Get the garden straight: Our garden is in a bit of a state… let’s just say we need a serious garden attack… we’ve plotted, we’ve planned and we’ve done just about not a whole lot!!! We love gardening and we love messing about for hours out there… but we need a galactic clean-up after the summer. That being said… one big clean up and maintenance plan and we could be on the road to garden recovery!!!
    • Get the recipe cookbook back in order:
      My recipe notebook that I have had forever is in a severe state of disrepair… hence the pitifully few recipes getting published over here… I have a lovely notebook all ready to begin, had it since last year in fact! Maybe I should take the first step and start popping a recipe or two in there everyday – a month from now I could have a veritable book… good to go!!!

    So there you go: The garage is done… should we tackle the garden or the cook book? Garden… Cook Book? Garden/Cook Book?!!! Leave a comment – may the best project win!!!

20 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #123 – And the Great Garage Clean-Up…”

  1. Very well done!

    I would do the garden next. We still have a few warm (not too hot) days ahead and with the winter rains your orderly garden will THRIVE.

    All the best.

  2. Hay Julia, Vote #1 the garden. You are absolutely right about the weather – mostly perfect for gardening!!! And a good chop back would certainly get it sorted before winter really sets in – though looking out at this morning it is hard to believe it will get that much worse!!!

  3. Hi Zoe, Vote #2: the garden. Oh you would love what we have planned for the garden – the kids have a whole Quentin “garden” Blake plan…and that might be why I am dawdling… not just your average garden clean-up!!! Anyway it is looking like we may have to dig in!!! Hope your ave a fun week, we loved watching the 1000 ships drifting down the Thames yesterday!!!

  4. what in the world did you do with that solid chunk of cement? Did you get a crane to dump it??? 😉 Well done – all ready now for the river to run through it – hahahahaha

  5. Oh Irene… You remember everything… The chunk of cement… we wheeled it down the driveway on a skateboard!!! I kid you not!!! Then I got hood #1 to dig a gigantic hole and we buried it and hopefully some creeping ground cover will turn it into a distant memory!!! And yes our garage is now ready for the annual winter “River running through event!!!” Hope you have a fab week with your mum here!!!

  6. Charlie, that’s Vote #3 for the garden!!! I think the garden may indeed be a winner!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

  7. What a wonderful site! Thank you for your energy, enthusiasm and everything you have shared. I am a homeschooling mom of 2 in Langebaan and it is always good to track down other homeschooling moms in SA ! I hope you don’t mind, I added your blog to my links.

  8. Hi Caroline from the beautiful Langebaan!!! Lovely to meet you, thank you so much for stopping by!!! Hope you have a fabulous week!!!

  9. Look at all that space in your garage! Does it not make your heart sing?
    I also vote for the garden next! Makes me remember a happy afternoon in your garden pulling weeds. And a lot of happy afternoons gardening with Maria Steyn a long time ago … special memories. Love!

  10. Hay Corli…Vote #4: For the Garden… Look at that space!!! We could live in there!!! My guys are already thinking of things to pop in there… but really in a couple of weeks there will be a river running through it… Brrrr!!! Wouldn’t it be fab to have an afternoon of weeding while the kids ride bikes in the drive!!! Aaaah memories…indeed. Lots of lekker love to you all…

  11. Your garage turned out great! I hope you enjoy that project space (I agree you should keep the bike on it so it doesn’t get cluttered again!) and also enjoy your overall free space now that you’ve copmleted it! It’s been fun journeying through this challengen with you 🙂

  12. Thank you Hilda!!! Myself, I am so amazed that we have so much space and really how easy it was once I got started… should have done it years ago!!! And I am so grateful to all of you guys… clearing out together really, really helps!!!

  13. congrats on your radical transformation!!! really awesome work. my basement is what I need to tackle next. 🙂 I hope I can make mine look half as clean and organized as yours! xoxoxox

  14. Honestly Katherine Marie… That really is proof that it can be done, even I can not believe it!!! I just needed to take the first step and then it really was just a couple of hours each week.. less than a handful on a Saturday morning… the weeks ticked by and then we were done!!! Give it a try – it is so nice to have the space!!! Lots of love, I hope you are having a heap of summer because we sue are having winter over here!!!

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