Se7en’s June and a Free Printable Calendar for You…


A Couple of our readers have asked us how we use our calendar posts for school. These posts began, and have grown, simply because it was interesting to see what events were occurring on a particular day. We don’t celebrate everyday – but we could!!! At the beginning of each month we print out a new calendar. Then we read through the blog post and pick the days that we would like to celebrate. We write those days out onto our calendar and pop the calendar onto the fridge. On the particular date we visit the website and have a look at the links or create some fun to post on our blog, like our recent Shakespeare post on his birthday.

se7en's May

If you would like to now more about how we use our calendar for school as a fabulous resource of famous people and events then do pop over to the Almanac page for an explanation… Meanwhile, we hope you have a joyful June!!!

se7en's June

  • 1 June: Donut Day.
  • 2 June: The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.
  • 2 June 1896: Radio Patented.
  • 3 June 1965: First U.S. Space Walk.
  • 4 June: Aesop’s Birthday
  • 4 June 1896: First Ford built.
  • 5 June 1783: First Hot Air Balloon Flight.
  • 5 June: Gingerbread Day.
  • 5 June: Richard Scarry’s Birthday.
  • 5 June: World Environment Day.
  • 6 June 1944: D-Day.
  • 6 June: Yo Yo Day.
  • 8 June 1867: Frank Lloyd Wright.
  • 8 June: World Ocean’s Day.
  • 9 June 1934: Donald Duck’s Debut.
  • 9 June 1672: Peter the Great Born.
  • 10 June: Ball Point Pen Patented.
  • 10 June: National Iced Tea Day (U.S.A.).
  • 11 June 1770: Great Barrier Reef Discovered
  • 11 June 1910: Jacque Cousteau’s Birthday
  • 11 June: E.T. Movie premiered.
  • 12 June 1929: Anne Frank’s Birthday
  • 13 June 1865: William Butler Yeats Birthday (1865 – 1939).
  • 14 June: Flag Day
  • 14 June: World Juggling Day
  • 15 June 1215: Magna Carta Signed.
  • 15 June 1752: Benjamin Franklin’s Kite Experiment 1752.
  • 16 June 1976: Youth Day 1976 – South Africa.
  • 16 June: National Fudge Day
  • 17 June 1898: M.C.Escher’s Birthday.
  • 20 June: Father’s Day.
  • 18 June 1815: Napoleon defeated at Waterloo.
  • 19 June 1846: First Organized Baseball Game in New Jersey.
  • 19 June 1978: Garfield’s Birthday.
  • 20 June: Bald Eagle Day.
  • 20 June: International Picnic Day.
  • 24 June: U.F.O. Day
  • 25 June 1929: Eric Carle’s Birthday.
  • 25 June 1903: George Orwell’s Birthday (1903-1950)
  • 26 June 1819: Bicycle Patented.
  • 26 June 1498: Toothbrush Invented.
  • 26 June: Chocolate Pudding Day (United States).
  • 27 June1880: Helen Keller Born.
  • 27 June 1859: Happy Birthday Song.
  • 28 June: Paul Bunyan Day
  • 28 June 1577: Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640)
  • 28 June: WWI Began (1914)
  • 29 June: Camera Day
  • 30 June: Meteor Day
  • 8 Replies to “Se7en’s June and a Free Printable Calendar for You…”

    1. I love this post!! All these days!! I was just a little disappointed to see that Happy Birthday Song Day misses my birthday by 2 days!! BUT, then smiles, when I saw that my birthday is CAMERA DAY – that is perfect for me!! heehee

      Have to smile and smile when I read a post like this, because I simply don’t know how you do it….all the info, the links, the pictures!! I doing a little bow to you in admiration. 🙂

    2. Ha Love and Lollipops!!! Now I know your birthday!!! Lets see if I can remember I happy birthday on the day!!! I started these posts years ago… and they grow and swell each year – very fun to put together… I get quite lost exploring for them!!! Hope you have a fun weekend!!!

    3. Actually Melissa I do!!! There are so many days that celebrate things like donuts and chocolate – chocolate cake day, chocolate cookie day, chocolate dessert day… the list goes on!!! I do wonder who thinks them up… I am happy to play along!!! Glad you enjoy our calendars and thanks so much for stopping by!!! Hope you are having a fun weekend!!!

    4. LOVE LOVE LOVE your monthly calendar lists!!!! yesterday was CORN ON THE COB day! :):) WE also celebrated Banana Split Days (7-8th) over the weekend. I read somewhere that anyone can submit and make up a holiday. we need to do that!! would that be fun?

    5. Oh Katherine Marie… I have never thought of making our own holiday!!! Oh the mind boggles at all the opportunities!!! Hope you have a fun week!!!

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