Se7en’s Brilliant Book Fair…

So we brought you Cape Town’s Design Indaba and we brought you Cape Town’s Good Food and Wine Show and in a week or two we will definitely be bringing you Cape Town’s very own Book Fair… Meanwhile we have been reading away and I have a heap of books to review and GiveAway… So we decided to have a bit of a party over the next two weeks and to do a a bit of a build up to Cape Town’s Premier Book Show…

Se7en's Book Fair004

So expect lots of bookish posts, bookish crafts, bookish reviews and especially bookish GiveAways!!! A really lovely “local is lekker” book launch report back and giveaway!!! We have baby books, board books, chapter books, activity books… teen reads, whatever we are reading reads… heaps and heaps of reads… stacks and stacks of books. Hope you love it and join in, I think it may be a lot of fun!!!

Here’s a List of se7en + 1 GiveAways so far… Just to help you keep track:

  1. A Giant Priddy Activity Book GiveAway – closing date: 16 June 2012.
  2. Brilliant Barefoot Books and a Brilliant GiveAway – closing date: 16 June 2012.
  3. Vumile and the Dragon, a story with a local flavor, a GiveAway – closing date: 17 June 2012.
  4. Se7en + 1 Steps to Raising a Good Samaritan – A GiveAway. – closing date: 17 June 2012.
  5. Face Painting 101 A Really Wild GiveAway… – closing date: 18 June 2012.
  6. Rabbits in the Parks, Quick Handwarmers – A Crafty GiveAway… – closing date: 18 June 2012.
  7. This is a special GiveAway for Cape Town readers… not a book, but an outing and books could be involved!!! – closing date: 18 June 2012.
  8. Se7en’s Fabric Farmyard Friends and Another Brilliant Barefoot Book GiveAway… – closing date: 18 June 2012.

To warm up I thought would do a round-up of many of our previous book posts…

Our most popular book posts:

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  • The War Horse – A Drop Everything and Read All Day Book.
  • Se7en’s Fairy Episode: Crafts, Books, Activities and more…
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  • More Brilliant Shakespeare for Kids.
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  • Se7en’s Seaside Science… with Mick Manning and Brita Granstrom…
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  • Se7en of the Best Science Notebook Inspirations…
  • The Usborne Art Treasury – A Review.
  • Se7en of the Best Art Inspirations.
  • Se7en of the Best Art Appreciation Resources for Kids.
  • Se7en of the Best Art History Resources for Kids.
  • Plenty of Book Crafts:

    DSC_0102DSC_0102DSC_0102DSC_0264THE RED BALLOON069DSC_0086DSC_0140DSC_0635 DSC_0626 DSC_0758 DSC04744 IMG_3815 DSC01335DSC00860 DSC09027 DSC08717 DSC06368.JPG DSC05043.JPG DSC03890.JPG DSC03428.JPG DSC02312.JPG DSC01772

    Cookbook Reviews.

    That’s Books for you… Join us for a fortnight of book posts… it is going to be fabulous!!!

    12 Replies to “Se7en’s Brilliant Book Fair…”

    1. We just received a whole box of summer reading books from Sonlight. 🙂 I am being aggravating and not letting us open the box until we finish our school year on Friday. We have all those lovely new books and some art supplies waiting for summer! Yea! Looking forward to the book posts. Lillian

    2. Oh Lilian, How exciting!!! I love the look of there summer reads!!! Totally fabulous!!! We are all reading frantically to get our books read for review, just the right weather for it – wintry, wintry, wintry!!! Hope you have a good week!!!

    3. ohhh I can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve. I always enjoy your BOOK posts and crafts!!! we are just starting our big summer reading program here… so your book ideas will be welcome with open arms. and I love your book fair PAINTING!!

    4. Hi Katherine Marie, I think you may love it!!! Lots of books for your younger age group are coming your way… in our madly busy week I just have to remember to hit “publish”… Look out to “seeing you” pop by!!! Have a great day!!!

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