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It is a tradition during the month of our Blogaversary to ask a couple of our favorite bloggers for a list of Se7en + 1 “anythings…” Things they love or things they loathe!!! Best books, best blogs, things you love about blogging, best outings, best ice-cream flavors, places to visit, best foods, fun traditions, habits, kid stuff you still enjoy, summer fun, winter fun, even se7en +1 favorite words – whatever they like… .

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Kathreen Ricketson is the gal behind She has published several children’s craft books and two quilting books and also publishes a kids e-magazine She lives in Australia with her husband and 2 kids. Find out more at

My 8 favorite things to do with my kids (on weekends, school holidays and after school). My kids are 9 and 12 so all of these activities are related to that age group.

  1. Read books together. Evening time is family novel time in our house. Some of our faces have included: His Dark Materials series by Phillip Pullman, Harry Potter series, and Paul Jennings short stories – just to name a couple.
  2. Cook together. We don’t eat much junk food or ready prepared meals in our house – we bake and cook everything from scratch and the kids love to get in the kitchen to experiment and cook whenever possible. Their favorite things to cook include pavlova and chocolate brownies.
  3. Go camping. We love going camping as a family, weekends and longer road trips.
  4. Get the craft/invention/recycling box out and get creative. We have a few boxes of craft supplies – recycled cardboard and junk and the glue gun is one of our favorites.
  5. Drawing time. Some quiet afternoon drawing is always fun – we have some nice art supplies and lots of drawing books and paper.
  6. Afternoon tea and conversation. This is especially lovely after school – a nice homemade cake, a pot of tea and we relax and discuss all the highs and lows of the day together.
  7. Go fossicking on the beach. We don’t live near the beach, but when we do manage to get there for a weekend we love to go for big walks and adventures and collect interesting stones and shells and make ephemeral sculptures along the way.
  8. And the Se7en + 1th thing:

  9. Playing games together. We like to play board games – backgammon and chess and dictionary, are some of our faces – and we also like to compete with each other and share iPod games too.

Thank you so much… Kathreen of Whip Up. We love your list of fun things to do with your kids!!!

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  1. Katherine Marie… Doesn’t it, I loved this post of hanging out with the kids!!! Hope you have a great day!!!

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