Mandela Day: Se7en + 1 “Sixty Se7en” Things That We Can Do Today…

I don’t think you have to be South African to love everything Madiba… It certainly does make us proud to know that we share a nation and we have grown up under the same wide African skies…


Today is Mandela Day in South Africa, in fact the world over. All over our country today folk will be spending 67 minutes doing good deeds and putting something good back into our world. The 67 minutes represent the 67 years that Madiba spent in the struggle for justice in our country.


In the past we have said Happy Birthday Madiba by making Madiba shirts… but today we will be looking for things we can do as a family to make a small difference. Today is the day to discover that giving sixty minutes is really just a breathe of time and sixty se7en minutes pass in a flash… Also, how easy is it in a house full of folk to find se7en + 1 small things to do that can make a difference to the whole world… because big changes really do begin with small beginnings!!!

Here you go: Se7en + 1 things we can do today:

  1. Spend 67 minutes: Make a loaf of bread for the street kids that sit at the bus stop in the afternoons.
  2. Spend 67 minutes: Sifting through books and clothes and get a box ready to donate. I am quite tempted to find sixty-se7en things to donate, I am sure we can do that!!!
  3. Spend 67 minutes: Making dinner for a friend who works six days a week every week and could really do with a break.
  4. Spend 67 minutes: Sweep the leaves in the road outside our house… all the gutters are blocked with leaves and flood when it pours…
  5. Spend 67 minutes: Make cards for a couple of lonely folk we know who are older then sixty-se7en and pop them into the post.
  6. Spend 67 minutes: Reading for a cause iGive Books, just sign up and start reading it is SO worth it!!!
  7. Online game to end hunger

  8. Spend 67 minutes: Playing Free Rice… and if I can get each of my kids to do this – then all the better, I am sure no-one will complain about screen time!!!
  9. And as a reward… the se7en + 1th thing:

  10. Spend 67 minutes: going for a walk on the beach and pick up beach litter as we go there are bins, we just have to put the rubbish into them.

Hope you all have a fun day serving others!!!

13 Replies to “Mandela Day: Se7en + 1 “Sixty Se7en” Things That We Can Do Today…”

  1. NICE list of KINDNESS and COMPASSION! I am so blessed to have a little one born on his birthday… 🙂

  2. Hay Katherine Marie… We had such a fun day with this and by the end of it we were totally bombed… little people and their mother falling asleep before their heads hit the pillow!!! And Happy Brilliant Birthday celebrating to you – Oh I know you will have a fun day!!!

  3. Hi Seven+!, What an incredible 67 minutes list – such thoughtful things which will make such an impact! Aren’t you a wonderful mother to encourage giving hearts in your children.

  4. Sue!!! How lovely to hear from you!!! We had such a fun day – but were quite exhausted at the end of it!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

  5. Amazing.
    Thanks for this write-up on Mandela Day: Se7en + 1 “Sixty Se7en” Things That We Can Do Today….
    I find it hard to find smart details out there when it comes to this topic.
    Thanks for the blog post!
    Keep up the inspiring work!

    Good Bye

  6. Hay Marcia, you are by far my most energetic commentor and I can;t thank you enough… what a great encourager and thrilled you enjoy our lists. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!

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