Se7en + 1 Things to Save in an Olympic Time Capsule…

So Olympic Season is drawing to a close… and has it been fun!!! Impromptu… races in the road, national flags painted on cheeks, eating around the world, virtually visiting London and hours and hours of watching people do their best… achieving beyond their dreams. So folk doing more than they ever managed and others disappointed by another failed attempt. We have seen good sports and bad sports… we have learnt a lot and we have had a bit of a break… we wanted to remember these times… and what better way than to make a time capsule…


We took an ordinary box… and we packed it…

It will be stored on an ordinary shelf amidst other boxes just like it and it won’t be opened until the opening ceremony in 2016…

So what’s inside…

  1. We kept records… How long folks took to go the distance, how far they could jump, how far they could throw…how many sit-ups in a minute, pushups as well. How many hops across the driveway?
  2. DSC_0539DSC_0546DSC_0556DSC_0566DSC_0594


  3. We took measurements: How big, how small, how short, how tall…
  4. DSC_0681


  5. We did handprints: Because one must!!!
  6. DSC_0598DSC_0603


  7. We Made an Olympic Gallery:
  8. DSC_0685DSC_0687DSC_0688DSC_0689DSC_0690DSC_0694

  9. We Made Lists of Favourites: Our favourite books right now, favourite movies, favourite songs, favourite outings, and we popped the book we have been reading aloud at bedtime in as well… See you in a couple of years, Laura. (We do have another copy if anyone gets desperate!!!) We also added in some newspaper cuttings and a copy of this weeks local paper…
  10. DSC_0645

  11. We had a Olympic Parade: A triathlete, a cyclist, a swimmer, a diver, a volleyball player, a gymnast, a weightlifter and of course a camera-man!!!
  12. DSC_0616DSC_0660DSC_0618DSC_0624DSC_0633DSC_0668DSC_0637


  13. We feasted on the Best of British: Tea and Easy Peasy Scones… and popped some English Breakfast Tea Bags and the recipe into the box. We took a look at London…
  14. Olympics002

    And the Se7en + 1th thing…

  15. Opening night 2016… Rio here we come!!! Snuck some sneaky surprises into the box, streamers, balloons, party poppers… All ready for the next opening night in Rio…!!!
  16. DSC05351

So that’s it… Our Olympic Time Capsule is sealed on a shelf until 2016!!!

14 Replies to “Se7en + 1 Things to Save in an Olympic Time Capsule…”

  1. That is such a lovely idea – and will be so special to open in 4 years time – how interesting it will be to see everyones growth!!! Well done mommy and hoods!

  2. What an absolutely wonderful wonderful idea!! The kiddos must have loved taking part in all these activities.

    Have a happy weekend – hopefully this lovely weather sticks around.


  3. Shells, we had a lot of fun putting that together… Who knows four years from now we could open it up on our blog!!! Have a fun weekend!!!

  4. Oh Love and Lollipops…Fun, fun , fun!!! The kids have really loved every second of the Olympics!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  5. Wow! What a brilliant treasure box of Olympic Memories. Wonderful. My favourite photo is that of your cushion weight lifter. Too cute!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  6. Thank you Maggy, Yes I live with a veritable strong man!!! You know I love to share on your Link-up!!! Hope you had a great weekend!!!

  7. Hay Sara… So glad you enjoyed it!!! We will be back in school next week and our craftiness will be getting back into gear!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

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