Superbly Stunning Dorling Kindersley Sticker Books… A GiveAway…

We did say that we would have GiveAways on our blog all week long… Let’s take a look at todays GiveAway: Dorling Kindersley has the most amazing sticker activity books on earth… a whole series of them in fact:

These might look like a couple of Sticker books… but they are not!!! Or should I say “not just sticker books.” These books are simply stunning, I was hard pressed to hand them over to my kids and would happily have kept them for myself!!! They are filled with facts and things to do and are a wonderful starting point for exploring a topic that your children might be interested in. My kids vanished into these books for hours, in fact I don’t think they have returned yet!!! 250 stickers in each book and lots and lots of ways to use them means hours and hours of fun. I liked the variety of sticker activities, I liked that some of them were quite prescriptive and they needed to follow the directions, and other activities where they could be as creative as they liked. I liked that even if the topic could have been a little “pink” like the princess book, there was nothing piffling inside the covers… hunts for real frogs amongst the queens pets and cards about all sorts of ponies, not to mention a page on ball room dancing meant not just glitz and glamor and wearing pink at all!!!

I thought we could show you a little tour of these amazing books and at the same time look at Se7en + 1 quick and easy ways to examine a topic that your children are wild about:

  1. Craft Something: A crown fit for a princess… filled with pearls and gems and lots of scope for creating!!!
  2. DSC_0010

  3. Dress Up: Pick and choose from some Princess outfits, because there is nothing like wearing an outfit to make you feel the part…
  4. DSC_0014

  5. Create some Fact cards: My kids really enjoy making little fact cards when they get on to a topic they enjoy… and different shark cards make the perfect past time.
  6. DSC_0016

  7. Go on an Outing: What about shark-diving… not my personal choice of outing, but some folk think this is the best outing ever!!!
  8. DSC_0018

  9. Take a Tour: Whatever intrigues your child there should be a related tour, here’s a peak at our castle tour…
  10. DSC_0028

  11. Have a Feast: This is usually our first port of call when we start looking at a new topic… food and trying new recipes speaks to my kids heart!!! So here is a medieval banquet, held in the great room of a castle…
  12. DSC_0020

  13. Create a Timeline: There is something about timelines that appeals to all of us, just knowing where we fit on the scale of things is fascinating…
  14. DSC_0032

    And the se7en + 1th

  15. Make a Board Game: Playing a game relating to your favourite topic is a great way to earn about a new theme…
  16. DSC_0034

All these photographs were taken of my children sticking stickers into the following books that we have to GiveAway:

Dorling Kindersley’s Sticker Activity Princesses with 250 Stickers.

Dorling Kindersley’s Sticker Activity Sharks and Other Sea Creatures with 250 stickers.

Dorling Kindersley’s Sticker Activity Castles and Knights with 250 Stickers.

Dorling Kindersley’s Sticker Activity Dinosaurs with 250 Stickers.

So here’s the GiveAway:

We are giving away four sticker books and there will be four winners. Our GiveAway Winners are always carefully selected from the folk that comment on our GiveAway posts. So in order to be a winner… leave a comment saying which books you would like to win… if you want to win all four of them then say so, and you will be entered into each draw, but if you want to win just one or two of them then mention which books you would like to win in the comments…

This GiveAway works in the usual way, comment before the end of 30 September 2012, and we will draw and publish the winners on the 2 October 2012 I won’t respond to your comments as I do on our other posts because I don’t want to be included in our own giveaway. Our GiveAways are open to everyone world wide, so good luck and happy commenting!!!

But Wait… Remember Our Save the Rhino Campaign…

If you would like a second chance to win a copy of any of the books: A donation to our Save the Rhino Campaign gets you an extra entry into the GiveAway. Any amount… even the teeniest amount is brilliant… and it doesn’t matter what currency you use… So if you would like an extra entry then click on the map or follow the link directly.


We really want to thank Penguin Books South Africa for providing us with the books to review and the GiveAway prizes. We would like to declare that we were not paid to do these reviews, just provided with books. All the opinions are entirely our own!!!

44 Replies to “Superbly Stunning Dorling Kindersley Sticker Books… A GiveAway…”

  1. My guys and my girl would love these books! Sticker books are a treasure; even when all the stickers are stuck.

  2. You always find the most awesome things for the kids . I think I need to get on the lap top more lol!! I love what you have found on the books and agree that I would have kept them for myself too!!

  3. I would love all of them. How does one choose when you have 4 children who love 4 different types of book. If you throw a book into the air, at least one of them will jump up to grab it:)

  4. Please can I enter for all 4 – my kids would love them (the Princess one would have to wait for my 5-week old daughter to grow up a bit first though!)

  5. We would love any one of these books. They look great and would bring hours of fun. Thanks again for a great give away!!!

  6. I just know the princess book would be a fantastic gift for a little lady 🙂 In fact all of the above would siut her jsut fine as well
    enter me for all, thanks

  7. My kids love sticker books. I’d like to enter for the dinosaur book and the princess book. Thank you for another great giveaway!

  8. They all look wonderful but the princess or the knights and castles ones might be the best received at our house. Thanks!

  9. I know several folks in my holiday gift list that would love the Dinosaurs, Castles& Knights, and Sharks books.. These are the ones I’d like to try for:)

  10. I would like the shark book the best. Or the princesses or castles & knights. A sticker book with so many activities is awesome.

  11. I have a daughter that would love the princess book and a son who would the castle or shark book–so any of these would be a blessing.

  12. Oh my, I would love to enter for all four. We have a cross-country flight coming up in November and these would really save the day!

  13. We really like sticker books. Our history focus this year is on the Middle Ages. The Knights and Castles book would just be great. One of my sons has motor skill disabilities, but is able to “do”stickers!

  14. Thanks for the chance! We’d love to win any of them~ I have a princess loving girl and boys who would love anything to do with sharks/castles/dinos! Thank you again~ DK sticker books are wonderful.

  15. We would love to win any of them, except the princess one! Thanks for yet another great giveaway. PS love the wheres wally cake!! Hope you had a special day.

  16. Those really do look like amazing sticker books! Please enter me in each of the four drawings. Thanks so much!

  17. My kids would love all of these! I’ve looked at them before, but not spent the money. What fun!

  18. Oh I am so glad I discovered your site because you always have the most amazing books. I have three boys so please enter me for dinosaurs, castles and knights, and sharks and other sea creatures.

  19. oh my goodness, I LOVE Dorling Kindersley books and these sticker activity books look AMAZING!

    Greedily, I’d love to win ALL of these books! With 6 kids, I have no shortage of dino, shark and castle lovers and one very determinedly pink and princess aficionado!

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