Se7en Shares a Birthday with Where’s Wally… Really!!!

I don’t know how it happens, but birthdays seem to spin past at an alarming rate… a clear indicator of my age… I know my children’s birthdays dra..aaag from year to year!!! Did you know that I share a birthday with “Where’s Wally” or if you are an American follower… “Where’s Waldo?”


And do you remember our amazing friends over at Charly’s Bakery well they treated us to a cake – 25 years of Where’s Wally!!!


In celebration of Twenty-five years of Where’s Wally we have had the most amazing week of blogging and GiveAways over here… and there are a few more GiveAways to come… but I need to come up for air and breathe… just a little and think of an ingenious way to part with our Wonderful Where’s Wally prizes… and we have tons of them!!!


But tradition has it that on this day each year I share se7en + 1 things about me… things that I love… things that you might not already know:

  1. Being a mum means that I have a number of skills: time management, organising (somewhat) and so on… but I think the skill that separates me from the crowd is: plumbing. I can fix drains, flush unflushables, repair, retighten… demolish and puzzle back together all the bits and pieces… my children have trained me well!!! Well plumbing and putting sleepless infants to sleep… I have this soporific effect, unfortunately to put them to sleep I have to put myself to sleep and that is kind of counter-productive!!!
  2. I am always astonished to hear of women in the news who have babies without knowing they were pregnant. I’ve always just known. The father person knew, better than any test bought at the store… his indicator was always when I called to mention that I had connected the car with the gate post. Worked about eight times!!!
  3. My mom used to lie on the couch and read when I was a child… I aspire to this!!! I only just recently realised if I don’t start doing that now it won’t be a habit and my children won’t remember me for it!!! So I have been making a little time to lie on the couch and read everyday…
  4. DSC_0134

  5. My all time favourite meals are outdoors – I love fresh air… my ultimate meal is most likely lasagne with a fabulous salad… eaten outdoors… and I am training my children to this end.
  6. Returning from the library with seventy books each week is probably my biggest parenting achievement and way up higher on my mothering goals than matching socks or even shoes.
  7. I loathe and detest shopping… but I love browsing!!! I love lots of things and I can look at beautiful things – like stationary and books and everything design, but I don’t need to own anything… I don’t need to own anything at all. In the same vein, I am quite happy to pin millions of lovely things on pinterest but I never ever do any of the crafts I pin and I don’t feel bad about it either… I just enjoy looking at them and I hope my readers enjoy looking at them too!!!
  8. I qualify for this job at the British Antarctic Survey – I even thought about it for about half a second and the thought again… I think I need to be at the kitchen table with Crayolas for quite a few more years before I think about actual work.
  9. DSC_0091

    And the se7en + 1th…

  10. I know that if read our blog then you know this already… but I can’t help myself… I love this gang of hoods with all my heart, and getting a photograph with all eight of them is a killer of a task… We are going to have to eat some cake to recover!!!

And that’s it – se7en things about me until next year…


Meanwhile look out for these little feet… and you might want to follow us on twitter and instagram…


Because next week we are going on a walkabout through our city… do a tour with Where’s Wally and it is going to be a heap of fun for our readers… here and abroad!!!


Have a fun weekend!!!

19 Replies to “Se7en Shares a Birthday with Where’s Wally… Really!!!”

  1. Happy Birthday Se7en!! Magnificent cake for magnificent lady. So good to meet you last weekend.
    I love your list, I’m totally like you wrt shopping & pretty things, so liberating don’t you feel?

  2. Hay C is for Cape Town, Thank you!!! You have no idea how thrilled I was to meet you last week, as well!!! Hope you enjoy this looooong weekend!!! May the sun stay shining!!!

  3. Happy happy ’25th’ to you indeed!!! Loved your list – really brought a smile to my day! Hope you had a wonderful day with your Hoods and the Father Person! And who knows, maybe one day you could fill that research position with a few Hoods at your side! Much love and hope that cake tastes as good as it looks!!

  4. Happy Birthday! (Almost forgot to say it with all the Where’s Wally distractions) Absolutely beautiful cake. Did you really eat it?

    Love you Pinterest. Can I go and live there! So many great ideas! You may never see me again.

  5. Thank you Carolyn, I always tell my kids I am nineteen, it is a game we play!!! Well today I just aged six years!!! But 25 is as good an age to be as any!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

  6. Oh Corli, that cake was fine indeed!!! We have all been laid low by colds… and spent a lazy weekend lying around and eating cake – because one must!!! The weather continues to be pretty grim… send us some sunshine!!! Lots of lekker love!!!

  7. Hay Tammy, So glad you we could make you fans of Charly’s Bakery as well!!! Indeed we totally love it!!! And the cake was so good… delicious, beautiful and a work of art!!! See you all soon!!!

  8. Cheryl, Thank you … I know, I sneaked that birthday by!!! We did eat that fabulous cake and fabulous it was… Kept Wally, there is no ways anyone would eat him!!!! Thrilled you loved our Pinterest spot… I really enjoy popping good things in there!!!

  9. Happy birthday!! I love random fact number two – the gate post, really!!
    Hope you are recovering from the sugar high 🙂

  10. Hay Irene, Don’t feel bad for the gate post, it is built of solid rock!!! And the cake sustained us through a weekend of colds and stuffiness… every time someone was hungry we ate some cake!!! Brilliant!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

  11. A (very belated) Happy Birthday to you! I really enjoyed your list of random facts about you – I’m looking forward to reading next year’s list 🙂

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