Se7en Got to Meet the Author: Emily Gravett… We did… Really!!!

The amazing crazy things that happen when you are a blogger… We met Emily Gravett… I kid you not, the real Emily Gravett, live in person at Cape Town’s Open Book Festival and she drew in our sketchbook… who could be happier!!! The fabulous author/illustrator of so many brilliant books…

It all started with a trip to the Book Lounge…


And the World of Stories…


And a bookshop with an inspiring mural…


And watching fire-engines go by while we waited our turn…


And then we had time to chat and watch her work…


“Can you draw me a mouse?”


Chitter Chatter…


“And what about a dragon?” She will indeed draw a dragon and you can learn How to Draw a Dragon too!!!


“But of course!!!”


And who knows the things your kids can talk about… and the funny things they have to say…


And a group photograph to commemorate the great event!!!


And then there were treats to eat…

DSC_0026 DSC_0025

Indeed a very special tea-party!!!


And of course the reading of books…


Pages and pages of them…


And a memory in our sketchbook… how precious is that!!!

emily gravett010

Emily Gravett is quite as lovely in person as she is in her books: funny, thoughtful, just delightful!!! She has a wonderful website full of brilliant activities and heaps of printables… And she has a new book coming out… so watch this space!!!

Thank-you to PanMacmillan South Africa for the invitation to the event.

21 Replies to “Se7en Got to Meet the Author: Emily Gravett… We did… Really!!!”

  1. Hay Zoe, Isn’t it wonderful… not often one of our favourite authors ventures so far down south!!! We were very excited to meet her!!!

  2. that looks like the cutest drawing ever – EVER!!!
    that would get framed on a wall somewhere in my house, don’t know baout yours 🙂

  3. Hi Amy, How cool indeed… not often we get to meet one of our all time favourites visiting in Cape Town!!! Very Special!!!

  4. Hay Tammy, so much fun indeed!!! There is nothing like meeting the author to have a favourite become an absolute best!!! Have a good week!!!

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