The Awesome Collection of Where’s Wally GiveAway Winners…

I almost didn’t want to post this post – we have had so much fun with Wally visiting on our site… but the time has come to share the winners to our Awesome and Fantastic GiveAway, I am going to work in reverse…

If you had a life size "Where's Wally" or "Waldo" to hide in #capetown where would you hide him?

  1. The Postcard Swap: Thanks to all our readers who signed up today we are thrilled to have so many folk join in and play along with us. If you would still like to join our “Where in the World Are You?” postcard swap then click on this link to see how it works… The more the merrier and we have heaps of “Where’s Wally” fun to pack into these letters too.
  2. DSC_0002

  3. Save the Rhino Campaign and we are thrilled to say that we do have readers that want a Where’s Wally Book Bag badly enough to donate 1 Dollar, 1 Pound, 1 Rand to our cause… And even a whole lot more – thank you so much to our donors!!! We still have a couple of bags available if you would like to donate to our cause we would be happy to send you a bag…
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  5. Local Readers: I want to thank you for all your brilliant suggestions of where to hide Wally… and we have a new family member that’s for sure!!! Your ideas were so fab that they deserve a special post … and we have been dashing all over town with our friend to create one for you…
  6. DSC_0036

    Now good news for our local readers… that I had so many of the great big poster books to give away that for each of you that entered I have a Where’s Wally poster book… watch your email I will be contacting you shortly. (The numbers beside your name were just your comment numbers – helping me keep track of who is who.)


  7. The World-Wide-GiveAway: Guess where our readers are… All over the World… everyone wanted a chance to win our grand prize…
  8. DSC_0031

    Here you all are… (again the numbers next to your names are just the numbers of your comment and helping me keep track!!!)


    Chopped and in the hat…


    and se7en + 1 winners were picked:


Congratulations to ALL our winners… and thanks a million to our amazing readers for entering!!! We will be emailing you all this weekend and sending your books on to you as soon as possible. And a huge thank you to Pan Macmillan South Africa and Pan Macmillan UK for the most amazing prizes!!!

That’s us… Keep your eyes open, you have no idea Where Wally might be turning up next!!!

9 Replies to “The Awesome Collection of Where’s Wally GiveAway Winners…”

  1. Hay Lauren, We had such a blast taking Wally around town!!! Everytime we go anywhere the kids want to take him too!!! Lots of fun!!!

  2. Heeehaaa!! I just read this post and see that I won!! YAY and Thank you!! And I love the post of Wally ALL over Cape Town – what fun that must have been! Georgia 🙂

  3. Hay Love and Lollipops… You did indeed – in fact you were a double winner!!! I will contact all the winners this weekend… its just been a week of sick kids!!! Hope you have a fun weekend – gotta say I am quite done with the whole winter thing!!!

  4. Thank you – we have had such grim bugs in our household lately that I forgot totally to come and see Where Wally was going next. I’m so glad he will be coming home to us too.

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