Where In the World are You? Are you Postcard Swapping With Se7en?

So we have been thinking about our postcard swap and gearing up towards sending and receiving letters from far and wide… and a little mapping fun was required.


Here is a map for you all… to print out and colour… just click on the map and it will open in a new tab…


It is no secret that we love and adore maps… turns out we have blogged about so many maps!!!

  1. Street Maps:
  2. DSC_0231

  3. World Maps:
  4. DSC03221

  5. Coloring Maps:
  6. DSC_0366

  7. Treasure Maps:
  8. DSC_0155

  9. The Whole Wide World:
  10. DSC09440

  11. Photograph Maps:
  12. Kalk_Bay_South_Africa

  13. Advent and Christmas Around the World Maps:
  14. DSC_0240

    And the se7en + 1th map:

  15. Even Meal Maps:
  16. DSC00053

So dear postcard swap readers… this is how it works… Click on the black and white image/map at the top of the post. It will open in a new tab… print it out and stick it onto a postcard, a piece of cardboard or was we have done an envelope. Show us on the map, where in the world you are… This is what your postcards look like right now:


Not very exciting… we haven’t got into creating unique and wonderful artworks for each postcard yet!!! And we didn’t want to spoil the surprise of knowing exactly what you are getting in the post before you get it… But to be sure the markers will come out, and stickers and paints and glitter and before you know it… Also if you live with an artist who would like to create their own map – of the world, of their garden, of their street… feel free!!! You don’t have to use our map at all, it is just a starting point to spark some interest!!!


We are using envelopes to “create our postcards” because they are stuffed with posters and stickers for you… stuffed!!!


Here is a list of folk who have signed up so far… and whose addresses we have…

Katherine A, Tanja P, Tiffany W, Miriam L, Lynn S, Christina L, Kaci K, Christine D, Melanie G, Paige, Brenda L, Tanya W, Sean G, Corli K, Karen M, Sheri N, Ann M, Helena S, Carolyn A, Daniela M, Rikki D, Kelly I, Sarah J, Cheryl T, Jacqui R, Jamie and Ryan B, Ryan K, Lidia K, The Bergenholt’s, Cindy P, Dana C, Allie M, Tamsin S, Christa S, Carrie H, Katherine-Marie, Kelly H, Sarah S, Carina V.d.W, Dawn S, Lilac M, Carmen U, Vida, …

If your name is not on the list or you still would like to join in… then click on this link and pop Postcard Swap into the message and your postal address… We have heaps of posters and stickers for everyone and we would love to know where our readers are!!!

We will be working on our postcards until the last week of October and posting them all out then… And we will be letting you know the winners of the Fabulous Where’s Wally GiveAway… tomorrow… hold your breathe for a heap of prizes!!!

11 Replies to “Where In the World are You? Are you Postcard Swapping With Se7en?”

  1. So glad you posted this again, I had wanted to sign up but forgot all about it! Just sent you a message! 🙂

  2. To our fun… huge Se7en + 1 FAN!!! Who knew how many maps we had made!!! Hope you have a beautiful day on the far side of the world!!!

  3. We got your postcard today! My husband was confused about who would be sending me mail all the way from South Africa. My children were quite excited! We hope to get something in the mail to you soon!

  4. we’ve got your postcard on 20th of May – just 5 months after you sent it. I must admit that I lost hope of getting the mail from you, but finally… Thanks. We’re writing back soon!

  5. Vida… I do not believe it!!! I do not believe it!!!… how can it possibly have taken this long… not to mention everyone else’s must have taken that long too!!! Just crazy madness!!! For all that I hope you enjoyed it!!! And I hope you have a great weekend!!!

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