Yuppie Chef: The Jolly Cookathon!!!

You know how we can not resist a competition from Yuppie Chef… just can not resist!!! Well click on the Jolly Cookathon to see this years fabulous competition!!!

Jolly Cookathon001

Last year they had the Enkosi Cookathon and we couldn’t help ourselves, we tried out every single recipe and learnt heaps about South African cooking… Well this year their competition was based on recipes from the book:

Taking it Easy by Andy Fenner, is a collection of recipes by twenty Fabulous South African Chefs. The challenge was to select two recipes from the chosen few and cook them and enjoy them – we had no problem with the enjoying – but we did have a problem choosing:

  1. Sirloin Flat Bread Sandwiches with Fresh Garden Herbs.
  2. Green Bean and Fennel Salad.
  3. Stone Fruits and berries Amandine.
  4. Singapore Chicken With Rice.
  5. Amarula Mud Cake.
  6. Ricotta Gnocchi With Gorgonzola Sauce.
  7. Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut Bar.
  8. Fresh Tuna with Oysters, Micro Radish and Lime.
  9. Yellowtail Ceviche with Fresh Peas, Avocado, Chilli and Lime.

There was lots of debate and discussion… and we finally settled on:

Sirloin Flat Bread Sandwiches with Fresh Garden Herbs.

We waited for the perfect weather…


We began where a lot of good South African Recipes begin… with a fire!!!


Because South African cuisine and a braai are really the same thing!!!


We prepared our steaks…


And our flat breads…


A had time to hang out around the fire and chat…

DSC_0420 DSC_0419 DSC_0418 DSC_0417 DSC_0416

And when the coals were ready… on went the steaks…


And the table was dragged outdoors… and set for a banquet…


A table for ten!!!


And a banquet indeed…


Slivered steaks on heaps of herbs from the garden…


And a stack of mini-flat breads…


Dinner, almost good to go…


We whipped up a mixed tomato salad…


And stuffed our flat breads…






What a feast…


Everyone was way too full for our second recipe and dessert, it had to wait until tea-time the next day!!!

Amarula Mud Cake.

A dusting of cocoa powder…


And afternoon tea was set…


Take a closer look, it is so worth it!!!




When a young family member bursts into spontaneous prayer… you know you have hit on a winner!!!


I know it is a cliche…


But enjoyed by all…


Thanks Yuppie Chef for another fantastic competition!!!

12 Replies to “Yuppie Chef: The Jolly Cookathon!!!”

  1. Hay Domestic Goddesque… This seems to be the week of food blogging for us, just so happens that we have been cooking up a storm!!! My goodness this was a fantastic feast we had!!! Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a fun week!!!

  2. Aww Cassi, thank you so much for stopping by and commenting – made my day!!! We had a lot of fun putting that post together!!! Hope you have a brilliant week!!!

  3. Hi Marina from YuppieChef… We have a courtyard and the father person had no problem standing overhead to get the shot!!! Glad you liked it – can’t wait to see all the entires!!! I am guessing you are going to have a fairly busy week!!!

  4. Dear Seven plus One,

    What a lovely braai on a summer’s evening. Fantastic! (It’s getting chilly here in the mountains of North Georgia. . .)

    Praying for you!

    Uncle Herb

  5. Hay Uncle Herb, How exciting to hear from you, from all the way across the world!!! Wouldn’t it be fun if you could pop over for a braai and a warm evening of dinner out doors!!! We miss you all and hope your holiday time is especially blessed!!!

  6. Marcia… you didn’t stop by AND leave a comment!!! Fabulous to hear from you!!! I thought you were coming to Cape Town in November… but no!!! Hope the time flies until your holiday!!! Lots of love!!!

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