Saturday Spot: The Creamery at the Market on the Wharf

There are some places that you have to visit, when you are in Cape Town and you need to add The Creamery to your list of spots to visit… The Creamery make all their ice-cream by hand, using freshly grown ingredients as close to organic and locally grown as possible. You can find them at markets and now at the new Market on the Wharf at the Waterfront. And innovative and creative as they are… they have a club that you can join to ensure your that you receive your exclusive tubs of ice-cream each month and a whole ton of other perks!!!


Well it is that mid-summery time of year over here and it is beautiful berry season… So just this weekend they are having a Very Berry Festival… Heaps of berry flavours to test and try!!! They are selling berry ice-cream all weekend… literally until they run out…

So on a roast summer day we headed for the new… Market on the Wharf…


A quick walk across the Waterfront on the most incredible evening… I have no idea where the crowds were, but I have to say 6 pm is a good time to visit… there is the lull between daytime crowds and folks heading out for dinner… and it was very pleasant.


The Market on the wharf is a new venture… and I have to say it is stunning, if like us you love eating out and you want to eat real food rather than fast food… Then this is the spot. Real food, from real vendors with real ingredients… it is well worth a visit!!! Fine food, fine coffee, a chocolatier, very friendly vendors…

DSC_0043 DSC_0042 DSC_0041 DSC_0038 DSC_0018 DSC_0033

But I was there with a higher purpose…


The scoops were ready to scoop…


The flavours lined up…


strawberry; farm cream; blackberry


raspberry chocolate chip; blackberry; boysenberry


french almond cherry; lemon verbena and raspberry; classic chocolate

So lets chat about the flavours… Firstly if you haven’t eaten real ice-cream, compared to commercial ice-cream, then you haven’t lived!!! Seriously freshly made ice-cream is a dream!!! I would normally rapture on about coffee or chocolate ice-cream… love them, but seriously the strawberry was sublime!!! They roast their strawberries first, apparently it enhances the flavour – they aren’t kidding about that!!! In the next tray the raspberry chocolate chip… rich raspberry ice-cream with slivers and shavings of ice-cream in it… Now that’s a winner!!! And in the last tray… chocolate should have been the winner but the lemon verbena and raspberry was seriously out of this world…


Everybody had to join in…


Exciting times…


With tummies full and the sun going down…


We headed for a drive through the city centre… up Adderly street to see the Christmas lights…


Had a peep at the flower market, spilling into the street…


Once again a hot summer night out in Cape Town was brilliant!!!


Have to thank The Creamery for the invitation to their tasting workshop… they didn’t pay me in any way to write this blog post or to taste their ice-cream… The opinions expressed are entirely my own – it just happens that their ice-cream is superb and well worth a visit!!!

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  1. It was so lovely meeting you and your family, and thank you for your lovely words. So glad you enjoyed the tasting!

  2. Oh Kate, the pleasure was entirely ours!!! Ice-cream may never be the same again!!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!

  3. Yes Tammy, Adderley Street is open for an evening drive through… I also thought it was closed but we took a chance and succeeded… there is a market that goes on into the night in the Company Gardens… but my gang were happy enough, thrilled in fact to see the lights!!!

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