Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #165

What can I say… the weather is up and down… but mainly up…


I was so thrilled to get dozens of likes for this photograph, all se7en + 1 in one photograph…on instagram… it pretty much sums up our week!!!


Well that and decluttering, I mentioned last week that I needed to write a post that would engage out readers… I didn’t intentionally do this… but nothing like sharing my inability to tackle a huge project and all of you jumped to the supportive rescue… Thank you so much!!! YOu have no idea how I appreciate the encouragement!!! I have been slowly but steadily sorting out stuff… much slower progress than I ever thought… but progress indeed. the wires and cables turned out to be mutant, and the half an hour that I dedicated to them turned out to be three afternoons in a row… and now I am onto the paper piles in there… and I am guessing to be fair that that will take a week too… There is no such thing as a quick fix…


Otherwise it has been a while since we have had a bunch of GiveAways on our site… and we have been getting our crafty hats on and the second half of this week is going to be dedicated to some really cool GiveAways for you…


And here are some lovely links from this week:

  1. About the quickest coolest craft I have seen forever… Quick and easy helicopter spotted on on Kireei this week!!! And since we are visiting Kireei… don’t you just love this home…
  2. I’ve missed this gal but she was back with a true to form post this week: Rocks in my Dryer…
  3. This post on Moodkids flashed past my radar this week… I know some kids who would love to try quick and easy colourful hair!!!
  4. Anorak Magazine has about the coolest competition ever: Draw us a Game Please… closing date April 25th… time to get our art on!!!
  5. This is a food for thought post… “Tweens and Instagram.” in the Huffington Post… I know folks are often amazed that my older kids haven’t dived into social media… there mother is a blogger after all… but they seem content not to go there and long may that last!!!
  6. I liked this post so much: The Great Social Experiment: Talk to Strangers on Whole9Life My gregarious children have been making me feel like I was part of one huge social experiment just lately – it was reassuring to see that this is indeed a good thing!!!
  7. From the house where lashings of chilli flavour everything, I am going to keep this post in mind for some of our unsuspecting guests… Yuppie Chef’s magazine: Saptula… Myth or Magic: Does banana help when it comes to spicy food.
  8. And the se7en + 1th link:

  9. A Blast From the Past: And here are a couple of links to posts, this week, from previous years:

And I have to give a shout out for a friend… a while back I reviewed the Blogging Mentor’s Book: !2 Steps to Successful Blogging well she has just released an update and you can buy her book for the kindle or a print version… and she has a fabulous promotion on her site right now – well worth the visit!!!

And that’s us – hopeing you are all having a fabulous weekend filled with lazy moments…

6 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #165”

  1. Sad enough I can read you just now and then. But whenevr I do I always laugh, compare and nod: yup, that’s something like in our life. 😀 Enjoy it both: reading and living with my family.

  2. I agree with Christi above!!!! And I really LOVE seeing you and all your wonderfulness on IG!!!!

  3. Katherine Marie, You are always so kind!!! Gotta say I love your IG stream too, full of happy little people!!! Have a great week!!!

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