Whale Watching News and Orcas in False Bay…

I have so many things to blog about this week that I am not quite sure where to start… so I thought I would control it ever so slightly and you are getting a week of all things ocean!!! Recently we blogged about a whale watching course we had been on and the fun we had had getting ready for the up and coming whale-watching season…

Well take a look at this, in our False Bay!!! Did you know that we have recently had a pod of Orcas visiting False Bay… incredible isn’t it. Killer whales live in small close knit groups called pods, they are the largest members of the dolphin family. I had no idea that Pods of six or so orcas come into False Bay each May, where they hunt large fish, seals and dolphins, that in turn are catching smaller shoal fish like anchovies and mackerel.

And how beautiful are these powerful creatures. They are intelligent animals, renowned for their cooperative hunting capabilities.

They have a very distinctive dorsal fin…

And unique markings…

And we can expect to see more of them in our area…

These photographs were taken of different pods on the 18 April, and Sunday 28 May. All the photographs for this post were taken by David Hurwitz from the Simonstown Boat Company.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in attending a Whale Watching Workshop then follow the link to the Whale of a Heritage website to find all the details.

Image 20

Thanks to David Hurwitz for his incredible photographs, The Whale of a Heritage Route for their workshops… and our friend Geoff B. for letting me know about the Orcas.

8 Replies to “Whale Watching News and Orcas in False Bay…”

  1. I know Corli, Isn’t it incredible!!! They really do look out of this world and I am so thrilled that they are here!!! Hope you have a great day!!!

  2. Hay Laura, Aren’t the photographs incredible!!! Really must be the most incredible site to see first hand!!! Hope you are all well and lots of love from the far side of the world!!!

  3. Hay Love and Lollipops – Isn’t it incredible, I had no idea we had them hear either. I am with you, would so love to see them in real life!!! Hope you have a fun weekend!!!

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