Introducing: Se7en + 1’s Drawing a Day Project…

In our previous post on the things that have worked for school this year, the one thing that we said was working for us this past year was art… just drawing. So we thought we would start a little project, to get us into the habit of drawing every day…

If you click on the image and print it landscape – you can pop the list on your fridge as a daily reminder

The What:

We have new notebooks and we are going to be doing a simple drawing: mostly just a pencil drawing, or a biro, or a marker drawing, or well, whatever you like… but keeping it simple!!! No multidimensional recycling crafts that require hours of patience while the glue dries… just drawing.


The Where:

Wherever you like… If it is summer where you are then take it outdoors, for us the evenings are dark and just before dinner there is a natural lull in the day… so round the kitchen table will work for us.


The Why:

We have in the past worked on reading habits and writing habits… well this year we are working on drawing habits. We noticed how our drawing had improved over the weeks of school this year. We have always done arts and crafts, painting and constructing projects.. but this was the first year that we also just drew consistently. We would like to see if we can do a drawing a day and get into the habit of drawing a little bit everyday. This won’t take away from our normal drawing and crafting, doodling and making. Just establishing a new habit, with one drawing a day.


And The How:

We have created a list of things to draw – easy things that you should be able to find around your home and you definitely shouldn’t have to go frantic hunting for things on the list to daw. Just draw a picture everyday. We would love you to join us, but it must be stress free – so if you miss a day to you lag a little, never fear. If you would like to join us and post a photograph of your work on instagram then tag your photo #se7en’sdrawingaday and we will look out for you!!!

Se7en’s Drawing A Day List:

Day 1: Saturday Self: Your Foot/Hand
Day 2: Sunday Special: Your Bed
Day 3: Monday Machines: A Traveling Machine (a car, boat, bike…)
Day 4: Tuesday Tools: Kitchen Tools
Day 5: Wednesday Wanderings: The Garden Path
Day 6: Thursday Things: Keys
Day 7: Friday Feast: Fruit

Day 8: Saturday Self: Your Favourite Toy
Day 9: Sunday Special: A Friend
Day 10: Monday Machines: A Kitchen Machine (a mixer, a toaster, a kettle…)
Day 11: Tuesday Tools: Art Tools (pencils, pens, crayons, brushes…)
Day 12: Wednesday Wanderings: An Errand (the library, post office, store…)
Day 13: Thursday Things: A Bookshelf
Day 14: Friday Feast: A Treat

Day 15: Saturday Self: Your Face
Day 16: Sunday Special: Your favourite Nook at home.
Day 17: Monday Machines: A Gadget (phone, pen-knife, telescope, microscope, camera…)
Day 18: Tuesday Tools: Garden Tools (rake, spade, broom, shove, seeds, wheelbarrow…)
Day 19: Wednesday Wanderings: Something from Your Nature Collection (leaves, shells, stones, flowers…)
Day 20: Thursday Things: Shoes
Day 21: Friday Feast: Breakfast

Day 22: Saturday Self: Your Bag (book bag, toy bag, swimming bag)
Day 23: Sunday Special: Your Favourite Outfit
Day 24: Monday Machines: An Electronic Machine (lamp, laptop, screen…)
Day 25: Tuesday Tools: Toolbox Tools (hammers, pliers, screwdriver…)
Day 26: Wednesday Wanderings: Out the Back Door
Day 27: Thursday Things: A Chair
Day 28: Friday Feast: Vegetables

Day 29: Saturday Self: Your Shadow
Day 30: Sunday Special: Your View Right Now

So draw away… we would love you to join us… everyday or even just for one day… Leave a comment and let us know what you are up to. You are welcome to follow along on instagram and tag your picture… #se7en’sdrawingaday

37 Replies to “Introducing: Se7en + 1’s Drawing a Day Project…”

  1. Never mind about the Instagram Tammy – just so thrilled to have you all playing along, I think it is going to be brilliant!!!

  2. Glad you like it Christi… It fits our winter… but I have to say, so wish we were doing it for the summer like you are!!! Have a fabulous weekend!!!

  3. thanks for the extra info, I was thinking about how I wanted to introduce this and how often. This will be a good way to get in the habit by just doing a little bit everyday, thanks for recapping your year, it gave me good food for thought for next year

  4. Hay Lori, Thanks for stopping by!!! I know, I know and a little bit everyday is so good for the soul!!! My kids are so into this, I just can’t believe how excited they are!!! Hope you are having a fun weekend!!!

  5. Absolutely love this idea!!! I so want to do this. I’ve saved the photo to print for the kids. Hopefully we can turn this into an actuality! Too many great ideas die before they’re born here. Sigh! Bane of my vision-orientated brain!!

  6. Oh Brilliant Vivian… We’ve made it through two days!!! I think I will call for a link-up a little down the line!!! I am really looking forward to having sketchbooks of where my kids are right here and now… a month down the line – great momento!!! Hope you have fun!!!

  7. Fantastic, I’m on and off encouraging my youngest to draw everyday, as it’s such a great thing. Maybe I’ll show him this and we’ll join in the fun! Thanks for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

  8. Hay Sara… How are you, Thank you so much for stopping by!!! We are having a lot of fun with our project – it is really amazing how the simple things are so often the very best ones!!! Hope your week goes well for you!!!

  9. Great to have you join in, Shells!!! We didn’t make it over the weekend, I will see if the kids want to catch up or just keep going in the morning!!! We have really enjoyed it so far!!!

  10. This is a great idea -I wanted to make some art plans for my kids this summer and this is just the inspiration I needed. Thanks!

  11. Oh Karen, Thank you for stopping by… we have been drawing away – it hasn’t been as easy as I thought it would be… but well worth the effort. I think we may have indeed started a new habit!!! Hope you have fun and enjoy joining in the project!!! Happy Summer to you all… we are wishing Summer will return to us really soon!!!

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