Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #181

I can not believe that July… is dashing to a close.


Neither can I believe that our winter can be quite this cold and wet – never mind me, I am taken by shocking surprise every year. But crisp and cold it is and I am sure there must be snow on those distant mountains…


Meanwhile we are nearly done with our “Painting a Day Project” and loving it!!! It is never to late to join in and you can take much longer than a month!!!


Don’t forget we have two GiveAways on our blog right now:

Here are this weeks lovely links…

  1. I don’t often link to videos but couldn’t resist this one, Local is Lekker, if you love social media and you want a peak at South Africa… I know I was one of the bazillions of tweeters!!! The #MeetSouthAfrica Case Study… gotta love Social Media in South Africa… by William Price

  2. I have waited the longest time for this post… blogging tips you need to read: 10 Tools to Protect Your Blog from Content Theft at the Problogger, of course… And since the Problogger hosted one of his fabulous webinars this week… you can read why he loves them: 7 Reasons I Love Running Webinars for my Blog Readers.
  3. For a Bit of a Read: Meet Me At Mikes has all about Vantastic… the cutest book about to launch… Follow the link to a GiveAway…
  4. My favourite instagram app: A Beautiful Mess… created a list of 20 Favourite Photography Posts… There are some stunning, stunning, stunning tips and projects in there!!! and while you are there take a peak at their trip in a camper van, we may need to park one in the garden now.
  5. How totally, wonderfully, awesomely cool are these boxes, spotted on Style My Child. Go on… you want to peak, because they are so much more than boxes!!!
  6. Totally loved how easy these are to make: Simple DIY Pencil and Supply Holders on Lil Blue Boo.
  7. Because we are freezing and looking forward to Summer and All the Edible Treats…: 20 Ice-Cream Recipes at the Celebration Shoppe.
  8. And the se7en + 1th link:

  9. A Blast From the Past:

And that’s us – hoping you are all having a fun weekend… arting, reading, resting, feasting, playing… !!!

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  1. Oh Sue, Your “little Blog” is awesome… I love all the things you have on there… spent ages paging through all the lovely goodies: the vans, the raccoons, oh everything!!! And of course those boxes… to die for!!! Hope you have a fab week!!!

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