Se7en’s New Project a Day: A Word A Day…

We have been working on a Project a Day for the last couple of months, we have had a drawing a day, a painting a day… and a journal a day project… and this month’s project is a word a day project.

We are Going on a Word Hunt…

Se7en's Word A Day001

As you can see, since we are posting on the third day of the month… we are very relaxed about our “Project A Day” assignments… The idea is really to get into the habit of doing something a little bit creative everyday. I am not really big on prescriptive projects… the idea is that we sit around after a meal and work a little bit on our “project a day” and then folk wander off or stay for hours depending how engaged they become. I have found that the more vague I am with a theme, the more they follow their own wonderfully creative path… In fact the best way to keep everyone busy is for me to just join in and do my own version of the project. I enjoy the break and doing something creative and the kids enjoy having me play along, too busy to “help” them, but not too busy to encourage them!!!


So the point of our word hunt… to find words, all over the place… hunt them down and pop them into our notebooks. Some of my children are going to want to find lots of words, lists of words and others will settle for one really good one at a time. Some of them will want to illustrate their words, others might want to use fancy lettering and others are going to want to doodle… or draw their word. I don’t mind, the point is to document and leave evidence that they found a word… Any kind of artefact will do: they can cut the letters out of a magazine, they can paint the word, they can use fabric or string or markers… I think I will leave it at that and see what they come up with!!!


Museum Mondays: A word that you would find in a museum… A Natural History Museum; A Cultural History Museum, A Science Museum, An Art Gallery.

Overheard Tuesdays: Have you heard a word recently and really liked it: a word in a book, a word in a comic, a word in a conversation, a word on the radio/tv/podcast.

Wandering Wednesdays: Words that you would use on a journey: an ocean voyage, an outer space voyage; a neighbourhood walk; an epic adventure.

Imagination Thursdays: Make up a word: An animal, a colour, a flavour, a place.

Finding Friday: Go exploring in a dictionary and find a word that you have never seen before…

Scavenging Saturdays: Find some words: In a magazine, on a menu, amidst the groceries, on an envelope.

Sundays Catchup: Inevitably days get busy… So Sundays are a free day, for catching up and gathering ideas for the week ahead…

And here is a book I know we will use, grab a Dorling Kindersley Visual Dictionary from the library. We love ours, simply brilliant… packed with words and ideas that you can not fail to get excited about:

There you go an easy to conquer project… and hopefully by the end of the month we will have learnt dozens of new words!!! If you do join in then you are welcome to follow along, @se7en_hoods, on instagram… and tag your photograph #se7ensprojectaday or se7enswordaday.

9 Replies to “Se7en’s New Project a Day: A Word A Day…”

  1. Hay Ansley, I usually get my kids going by starting out myself, they are so curious that they have to join in!!! We also don’t do it every day… we try as much as possible but it really is meant ot be totally relaxed and fun!!! Wishing you all the very best!!! Have a fabulous day!!!

  2. I love this idea. Loved your photo of the waves on every other line. Instagram, I think? Brilliant way to “play” with new words. I like the habit of doing it everyday. It would help with their spelling too. Hmm. Might try to implement this.

  3. Hi cheryl… Yes… We are having a problem… the plugin I use to get my posts out just isn’t working and when I searched for a solution it isn’t working for a number of people. I don’t know how to fix it and I am trying not to let it lead to total despair!!! Especially since we have been blogging away!!! Anyway life goes on and yes we are indeed enjoying our “Word a Day” project… It is a lot of fun and I am enjoying seeing how creative my kids can be!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

  4. Hi Kelly, my kids are really enjoying… it has been quite simple to implement and it is going so well… just a little bit everyday really does work!!! Have wonderful day and thank you so much for stopping by!!!

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