Join us for Tea… Se7en’s Virtual Cuppa for CANSA…

As October draws to a close I realise that I really wanted to hold a virtual CUPPA for CANSA with our readers… and the time is now, would you like to join us online for a cup of tea… I don’t think anyone of us can say we have not been affected by the scourge of cancer, close relatives, family members and dear friends… it is a relentless disease that shows no discrimination. You can make a difference by hosting a tea party and donating some funds to the cause. The CANSA fund uses the money in turn to raise awareness, for research and prevention, as well as support for those who are suffering.


We would love you to join us, anyhow and anytime over the next day (or so…)… let us know if you enjoyed a cup of tea, leave a comment and/or tag your photographs on twitter or instagram with #se7enscuppaforCANSA Join us, just for fun. We will be donating to this cause, close to our hearts and we would love you to join us… you don’t have to of course, you can still send us your pictures, but if you would like to then just click on the donate button below and off you go… safe and secure international donating through GivenGain.

Se7en’s Tea Party Guide

Se7en Tea Time Treats: A little feast can turn an ordinary cup of tea into a tea-party, follow this link for some really easy tea-party treats… meringues and cucumber sandwiches, and if you are feeling energetic eclairs. In fact it goes without saying: Scones with jam and cream are the ultimate tea-party feast!!!


Se7en Serious Tea Party Games and Olympics: I don’t know about your house, but over here if you give an event a name then it instantly becomes a potential sporting event… Toss the tea-bag, Pass the Pot and Scoff-the-Scones… these are the sports we can get very into over here!!!


Se7en Tea Party Crafts: Sometimes the only thing missing at a tea-party, after you have run around like a crazy thing and you have eaten treats till you are full… is to sit and enjoy some craftiness… create a hat, or some teaspoon friends, some fancy flowers or a teapot bag…


Se7en Tea-time Stories: And if like us you can only get round to a tea party at bedtime, then these are our favourite tea-party stories…

So play along, join us… we will be taking lots of #se7enscuppaforCANSA photographs and posting them on instagram from now until Friday…

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