Se7en’s Sketchbook Project 2014: The King’s Finder…

Last week our instagram feed looked a bit like craft central, as we dashed our way through to the finish of our annual sketchbook project.

A couple of you wanted to see the finished product – and as the years go by our sketchbooks become more and more complicated and more interactive – and “lift-the-flapish” so harder and harder to photograph and present on our blog, but here are a few photographs and an attempt at a peak inside…


The Sketchbook Project 2014

Let’s begin with a little explanation… the theme of our book was “Found” which means that we had to create a book that involved finding things and immediately a childhood flashback occurred, when I was known as the king’s finder. Whenever my dad was looking for his keys it was my job to find them… and fast!!! This book takes you on a little journey, looking for keys on every page… they are there!!! All the while we really like making things so we add a fun crafty project idea to each page as well…


Spread One: Introducing the story and a flap, that all books should have, just in case you find anything interesting while you are reading them.



Spread Two: Just basic finding encouragement… and a couple of easy to spot keys…

se7en-15-Jan-14-DSC_0667 se7en-15-Jan-14-DSC_0669

Spread Three: Imagine looking for keys in outer space through a telescope… we whipped up a quick kaleidoscope… and when you peak through it, you should spot amidst all the clutter of “space” you should spot a key…



Spread Four: Looking into space made us think of spotting pictures in the clouds… and blow painting monsters…


Spread Five: All journeys need a map… and a little easy origami entertainment for when you are on the road…


Spread Six: Inspired by the map… and thinking of hiking, we love collecting or creating feathers making creations with them.


Spread Se7en: And since we collect a lot of feathers on the beach… we went to the beach to collect goodies to make mobiles. And you have to take a peak into the beach bucket.

se7en-15-Jan-14-DSC_0692 se7en-15-Jan-14-DSC_0693 se7en-15-Jan-14-DSC_0690

Spread Eight: And beach days of course remind us of lazy book days… so a pop-up library was in order. The craft for this page was “a box in a book”… been dying to make on for ages…

se7en-15-Jan-14-DSC_0697 se7en-15-Jan-14-DSC_0698

In the library we found a little book and yes there is the key…

se7en-15-Jan-14-DSC_0701 se7en-15-Jan-14-DSC_0703

Spread Nine: While we were at the library we remembered to grab a few things at the store… and you know how there are bar codes every where. Smash some bottle caps, this is always fun, and glue on a magnet to make fridge magnets…

se7en-15-Jan-14-DSC_0705 se7en-15-Jan-14-DSC_0709

And these keys were harder to find…


Spread Ten: Stopped at the mailbox on the way in the gate… And no the key isn’t in the mail box. But it is in the memory journal created by sticking envelopes together… and stuffed with tickets and memories…


se7en-15-Jan-14-DSC_0715 se7en-15-Jan-14-DSC_0718

Spread 11: Nearly all the mail is for the recycling bin under the sink… And a Recycle Art Center…

se7en-15-Jan-14-DSC_0719 se7en-15-Jan-14-DSC_0722

Spread 12: Collapse on the couch… what about starting with coin rubbings and a coin collection with all the coins found under the cushions… and the key, well that was hidden in the filing cabinet. Beside the couch is the mending bag… which led us on to the sewing basket.



Spread 13: If you open the lid of the sewing basket, then you may find a key… And what better thing to do that make some felt flowers!!!

se7en-15-Jan-14-DSC_0729 se7en-15-Jan-14-DSC_0734


Spread 14: And flowers of course inspire most of us to head for the garden and to pick a few lemons to make lemonade… Rolled up in the bottle is the recipe…


Spread 15: Lemonade sent us back indoors to store it in the fridge for icy coldness… and some inspiration to make meringues…



Spread 16: Took the tub of ice-cream found in the fridge to bed… and under the bed were more than a few spider web… so we did some weaving…


Spread 17: Under the bed were a bunch of memory boxes, full of photographs and keys of course…



And the end…



And off it went…


If you would like to know more about the Sketchbook Project, then click on the image below…

So there you are… this year’s sketchbook done and mailed timeously back to the Brooklyn Art Gallery and ready to go on tour…

18 Replies to “Se7en’s Sketchbook Project 2014: The King’s Finder…”

  1. I live so close to NYC and I never knew about the Brooklyn Art Museum. I am going to go and take loads and loads of pictures and Instagram them for you so you can see first hand where your lovely works of art have gone. I am researching trains and making plans right now!

  2. Jessica, That would be so fantastic, I am so excited to hear that!!! Every now and then I get a tweet to say that someone has read one of our books!!! I love it… Actually I just love the idea of all these books traveling around – how I would love to visit and get some inspiration!!! All the best and have a fab weekend!!!

  3. Why Thank you, Corli… I am guessing you enjoyed it then!!! Hope you have the most amazing weekend… lots of lekker love from the gang!!!

  4. We have started individual sketch books for the older students in our homeschool. They write in them for their creative expression assignments. The books really reflect each child’s character, and I enjoy curling up on a comfy chair and reading them late at night. Last week’s theme was courage, and though the kids were uncertain as to how to begin, once the creative juices got going, it was hard to stop them. We really only started homeschooling this January, and I’m loving spending every day with my children. I am starting to see the sparkle return to them. God bless you and your family, you inspire other homeschool families to live to serve Him and others. I have notice how much you all enjoy art, and thought you might want to have a look at our art work, and possibly read a funny art story? If you do you can head on over to our site.

  5. Hay Angie, Thank you so much for stopping by… and I wish you all the best on your new homeschooling journey. Have a great week!!!

  6. I’m only getting to see this post today. I love the way your thinking and progression works….
    It is utterly brilliant!!!

  7. I got to see your book today in North Carolina! I was excited to see the sketchbook project was in town and made a trip over to check out your book. I absolutely loved it! I loved all the flaps, hidden keys and ideas for activities. I brought home a book of our own to work on. I am so glad I had the opportunity to see your book I’m person. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Erin, you just made my day, I am leaping around the lounge in the middle of the night!!! Thank you thank you for specially peaking at our book and then still stopping by to say you enjoyed it!!! Oh that is just wonderful… thank you!!!

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