Hearty Treats for a Celebration…

So Valentines Day was celebrated with glitter and a host of hearty Treats…


Chocolate Waffles

Where have I been? Just our regular old waffle recipe plus two tablespoons of cocoa and a shot of expresso…


And suddenly our waffles were transformed!!!


Then one little person suggested we add some caramel sauce – who am I to argue with that…


Caramel Sauce in a Flash

You will need equal parts of sugar, butter and cream. I usually use a cup of each… In a pot gently heat the butter and the sugar. Stir until the sugar is dissolved and your sauce is smooth… then add the cream and let it simmer for a while. I would say you can store it in a jar… and it does make the perfect last minute gift… but honestly it hardly ever gets into a jar and almost never gets given away!!!


se7en-13-Feb-14-DSC_0150.jpg se7en-13-Feb-14-DSC_0151.jpg se7en-30-Jan-14-IMG_2172.jpg se7en-13-Feb-14-DSC_0154.jpg se7en-13-Feb-14-DSC_0160.jpg


Chocolate Covered Wafers

We needed an easy treat that even little people could make with pride… I am all about enabling. We used a cookie cutter to create mini-heart wafers. Dip those little hearts in chocolate and leave them on wax paper to set.



If kitchens could earn a badge of bravery… for all the chocolate smeary delight that they endured – on every surface… ours would be the winner!!!


Instant Ice-Cream

Valentines Day occurs in February, the hottest month of the year… ice-cream is a requirement!!!


We keep a stock of frozen berries in the freezer just for this… about two cups of frozen berries and 1 cup of buttermilk, about half a cup of castor sugar and a dash of vanilla. Pop that all in the food processor and go!!!


Instant ice-cream…


Quick Kitchen Smores

Place a marshmallow onto a biscuit, we use Marie biscuits but if you don’t have them then digestives will do. Pop them into the microwave for about ten to fifteen seconds… watch it, marshmallows puff up magnificently!!! Pour melted chocolate over the top and leave them to cool.




And I know World Book Giving Day is on Valentine’s Day… We do have a project, but there are a few details that need to be put in place before we hit the go button… So we will be launching our Project on Monday, along with a week of book blogging and can’t wait to tell you how we are going to help to build another library…

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