Se7en’s Fabulous Fun Post #229

So it’s Monday… Took the weekend off the internet, didn’t miss it for one second, not even one. I had a list about a million miles long of things to do and things that desperately needed doing… did none of them. Didn’t even get to my desk, which was my number one priority. It is just too cold, hibernation has set in. Mind you I did learn one lesson, in the scheme of avoiding tasks that must be done at all costs: If you run out of book space on your bookshelves, and you take all the books off all the bookshelves and rearrange… there still won’t be room on the bookshelves for all the books when you are done. Just saying we need to get rid of some stuff, and there is a very subtle purge going on because you know me: limit the stuff to fit the space, and all that.


Otherwise we did have a moment of glorious sunshine and we grabbed it. Not to mention we were lulled into thinking that if that is winter then we can definitely handle it… but just like every year we were taken completely by surprise and by the end of the week… snow and lots of it.


We are living under blankets and the entire gang is wearing beanies to bed at night. As for school… it is entirely possible to do large portions of reading in bed and all in the name of education… yay for good books!!!

Book of the Week

When you take the weekend off… well this weekend all the plans we had were canceled and I sat myself down and powered my way through a heap of books on my Kindle… it is time to conquer what’s on there!!! Anyway our recent visit to Soil for Life and garden inspiration means that there are a number of folk asking: “When are we planting, when are we planting… when are we planting?” So I dived in and read this book from cover to cover. Now I am no farm girl, trust me on this!!! And we are not getting chickens or any other beasts anytime soon, but it sure made a fascinating read. Really this is the “how to keep actual livestock” kind of book… interesting as that was, I was quickly able to move on… and glean the stuff we were after: lists of vegi’s and how to grow each and every one of them. I love that each kind of plant gets its very own story and tips. The reasons for many of our past gardening fails were somewhat glaring and it goes without saying that any plants that actually survive under our care do because they are tenacious rather than nurtured. Anyway we have cleared a whole corner of our garden that we have never gardened before and we need to load some compost and go. I have some very eager helpers, but we really need just slightly warmer weather for me to get totally into this project!!!


Lovely Links from this week:

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That’s us… Hope your weekend was a fabulous one and we are so looking forward to another week of blogging…

2 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Fun Post #229”

  1. I love this line

    …it goes without saying that any plants that actually survive under our care do because they are tenacious rather than nurtured


  2. Let’s just say Marcia, I did not inherit a green thumb and add to that the inevitable neglect as things get away from us from time to time and it is a miracle that we have a spinach and tomato crop at all!!! Sending lots of love!!!

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