Se7en Steps to a Pair of Fabulous Shoes from Recycling…

We live with a young gal that just cannot stop making shoes…

se7en - 210814 - 0218.jpg

I think Hood #6 is creating a shoe factory… just one pair at a time!!!

se7en - 210814 - 0216.jpg

The Gallery


It all began last summer…

Slowly at first…
se7en - 160814 - 0337.jpg

And now it is a wave… When I posted these on instagram last week I realised that it was time to catch up on the story, before we forgot this little bit of history.

Step by Step

Almost all craftiness in our house begins in the recycling bin… A packing box, a cereal box, a couple of pipe cleaners and some project glue did the trick.

  1. Getting the right size and shape: Measure around your feet on a piece of sturdy cardboard. Cut out two for each foot, slightly larger than the pencil outline. Mark a dot where you want your strippy strap to go…
  2. se7en - 160814 - 0342.jpg

    se7en - 160814 - 0344.jpg

    se7en - 160814 - 0340.jpg

  3. Making a Strap: Cereal boxes are just he right sort of cardboard for these… Cut a strip for each shoe and fold them over, making sure that they will fit comfortably. When you have exactly the right fit then you can use your pencil to poke a hole through one layer of the card sole.
  4. se7en - 160814 - 0350.jpg

    se7en - 160814 - 0349.jpg

    se7en - 160814 - 0347.jpg

  5. Just add pipe cleaners: Twist some pipe cleaners together and thread them through the hole to make sure everything is working.
  6. se7en - 160814 - 0352.jpg

    se7en - 160814 - 0361.jpg

    se7en - 160814 - 0358.jpg

  7. Paints: Some where along the line it is a good idea to stop and add some paint.
  8. se7en - 160814 - 0362.jpg

    se7en - 210814 - 0194.jpg

  9. And heaps of project glue: You will need a couple of pegs to hold everything together while the glue is drying.
  10. se7en - 210814 - 0203.jpg

    At the last minute, these had to be butterfly shoes and so crushed paper butterflies were added into the mix.

    se7en - 210814 - 0206.jpg

  11. Finishing up: Finally glue the second sole to the underside of your shoe to give it a nice neat finish.
  12. se7en - 210814 - 0209.jpg

  13. Waiting: Finally you just have to wait until all the glue is dry…
  14. se7en - 210814 - 0216.jpg

    That’s it… your shoes are ready to wear…

11 Replies to “Se7en Steps to a Pair of Fabulous Shoes from Recycling…”

  1. OK, these are TOO Cool! I admire the creative adventures you share with your children…. Also, I have seen this recently in a kids art blog somewhere. They used NewsPaper! It was an art lesson: masking tape and newspaper. Maybe one of the hoods can add That type NEXT go at this art ūüėÄ Thank you for sharing. You’re very inspirational!

  2. Reminded me of my childhood! I loved making , what I called , ‘paper slippers’. What fun ūüôā

  3. Thank you Jeanine… Glad you liked them… I have no idea where my kids get all their ideas from, I will definitely look out for the newspaper/tape shoes. Hope you have a fabulous weekend and thanks so much for stopping by!!!

  4. Hay Nita, Good to hear from you… Won’t it be funny if our little shoemaker grows up to be a shoemaker. She has had so much fun making shoes this last couple of months. Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  5. Adorable, and SO very happy to see you back on craft schooling Sunday, it’s been a long time! I was just in NYC and stopped into a natural body care store of a brand called Rain, from South Africa, lovely products, and though of you! Great to reconnect!

  6. I know, Creative Jewish Mum, It has been a while. But hopefully we are back in action… How lovely is it that you discovered Rain, we love it too!!! Hope you have a great week too.

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