Se7en + 1 Crafty Rhino’s… And a Fantastic GiveAway from CNA.

September 22 is Save the Rhino Day… something we care about deeply. It seemed appropriate that we spent the whole day crafting rhinos. The irony is that even though we live in Africa this is as close as my kids have been to a real live rhino… and we would like it to be better for future generations…

se7en - 220914 - 1984.jpg

Our kids are crazy about all things environmental, spending time in the great outdoors is fundamental and if they could protect every single rhino, themselves, they would. But in the mean time they are happy to raise awareness about the plight of the rhino. So here you have a sad rhino without his horn and a happy rhino with his horn…

se7en - 220914 - 1939.jpg se7en - 220914 - 1940.jpg

A couple of weeks back we were surprised by a box of crafty goodness… and encouraged to create some rhino craftiness, and to offer our readers a most fantastic Give Away… sounds like our sort of fun, especially in the name of a cause we really believe in.

se7en - 020914 - 7189.jpg

This box was beautifully presented with all sorts of lovely goodness packed within… we were so excited that we just oohed and aahed at it for over a week. There was glitter and glue, crayons and card, buttons and beads… lots and lot of exciting collage goodies: pencil crayons and pompoms, colourful tape and stickers… and a voucher to go shopping for any other materials we might need. Hello!!! We bought a heap of paints and glue sticks (because I think we have a gluestick monster in the house that eats them while we sleep), plasticene (modelling clay), pipe cleaners and paper party straws… just can’t get enough of those!!!

se7en - 220914 - 1936.jpg se7en - 220914 - 1986.jpg

This was all because CNA have launched a grand Rhino-Inspired-Craft-Competition…

se7en - 230914 -_.jpg

We thought we would create some rhino inspiration and all the competition details are at the bottom of this post… scroll down, scroll down…

Crafty Inspiration

A crafty day was declared… We began by drawing rhinos on the packaging, as one does. Who wants to waste fine packaging…

se7en - 220914 - 1874.jpg

Lots and lots of snipping… and a heap of wild card rhinos…

se7en - 220914 - 1879.jpg se7en - 220914 - 1883.jpg se7en - 220914 - 1884.jpg se7en - 220914 - 1886.jpg se7en - 220914 - 1887.jpg se7en - 220914 - 1889.jpg se7en - 220914 - 1890.jpg

Followed by a lot of painting, drawing, gluing, snipping, sprinkling and sticking, modelling, making and creating. Little rhino dioramas erupted all over the house… rhinos and rangers…

se7en - 220914 - 1982.jpg

The Gallery: A Crash of Rhinos

se7en - 220914 - 1964.jpg

se7en - 220914 - 1953.jpg
materials: black fineliner pens

se7en - 220914 - 1954.jpg
materials: acrylic paints, glitter glue and buttons.

se7en - 220914 - 1955.jpg
materials: acrylic paints and scrap-booking/collage flowers.

se7en - 220914 - 1893.jpg

se7en - 220914 - 1956.jpg
materials: crayons, black acrylic paint and his own nail.

se7en - 220914 - 1895.jpg se7en - 220914 - 1908.jpg se7en - 220914 - 1914.jpg se7en - 220914 - 1927.jpg

se7en - 220914 - 1959.jpg
materials: glue-stick, tissue paper, clear glue and sequins.

se7en - 220914 - 1899.jpg se7en - 220914 - 1921.jpg

se7en - 220914 - 1960.jpg
materials: project glue and glitter, lots of it, and mini pompom toes.

se7en - 220914 - 1903.jpg se7en - 220914 - 1912.jpg se7en - 220914 - 1924.jpg

se7en - 220914 - 1961.jpg
materials: wash tape, project glue and paper party straws.

se7en - 220914 - 1900.jpg se7en - 220914 - 1910.jpg se7en - 220914 - 1915.jpg

se7en - 220914 - 1962.jpg
materials: project glue and plasticene, and a button.

se7en - 220914 - 1919.jpg

A Little More Inspiration

Basically Africa without rhinos would be very dull…

se7en - 220914 - 1949.jpg

Even one rhino wouldn’t be enough…

se7en - 220914 - 1945.jpg

We need heaps of Rhinos…

se7en - 220914 - 1947.jpg

se7en - 220914 - 1970.jpg

se7en - 220914 - 1973.jpg

se7en - 220914 - 1974.jpg

The GiveAway

So we highly recommend that you create bunches of rhino crafts and enter the CNAinspired competition on their Facebook page… to encourage you and totally get you onboard with this project CNA is offering one of our readers their own R500.00 voucher… in order to stock up your craft cupboard and get going!!!

se7en - 230914 -_.jpg

Now CNA is a South African store… and we don’t want to leave our overseas readers out, obviously we can not send you a voucher, but we can send you a green rhino inspired shopping bag…

How to Enter

Readers in South Africa

Here you go… to stand a chance of winning a R500. voucher to spend at CNA… you can enter our rafflecopter competition. You get an extra entry for liking their Face Book Page, and another entry for following them on Instagram.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Readers Outside of South Africa

To stand a chance of winning an environmentally friendly shopping bag please enter our rafflecopter competition. You get an extra entry for liking their Face Book Page, and another entry for following them on Instagram.

se7en - 230914 - 1992.jpg

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The closing date of this competition is 10 October 2014… enter away!!!

se7en - 220914 - 1968.jpg

This is not a sponsored post, we were not paid to write it. CNA did provide us with all the crafty materials, and more, that we needed to create this post. They also gave us a R500. voucher to choose our own materials and a voucher for our readers to enjoy. (We provided the shopping bag for our overseas readers ourselves).

9 Replies to “Se7en + 1 Crafty Rhino’s… And a Fantastic GiveAway from CNA.”

  1. I love your crafts and I love that you so thoughtfully include overseas people in your giveaways. It looks like the only way to enter the 2nd rafflecopter is to like something on facebook or instagram, and not one just by signing in. Is that right?

  2. LOVE your gorgeous rhinos!!!! I didn’t know CNA sold washi…. I will have to stop by and chase them up if my branch doesn’t have any. 🙂

    PS love all the leftie hands!!!

  3. Hay Marcia… I know, you need to check CNA out, there is lots of crafty goodness over there. They have flagship stores that stock everything, and we head right across the peninsula to get there, because our local branch really doesn’t. Here are there flagship stores: Tygervalley, Menlyn, East Rand Mall and Greenacres… hope that helps and lots of love!!!

  4. Hi Pam… I have to confess I have limited and let me say very limited understanding of how rafflecopter works. I normally just have leave a comment giveaways. Thia is a whole new thing!!! That does sound right for the required brand conditions of entry – I really hope I have it right… wishing you all the best!!!

  5. Thank you so much Cindy… We had a lot of fun creating them… We all love crafty arty days and a box of goodies like that was crying out for us to get crafty!!! Hope you and your sweet boy had the most wonderful birthday!!!

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