“Tis the Season for a Cuppa for CANSA… #Se7ensCuppaforCANSA

Almost every year, around this time we have held some sort of virtual #CuppaforCANSA tea party. We would love our friends around the world to join us. You are all invited…


It is a big event for us, it is a cause dear to our hearts and one that is easy for the whole family to get involved in. I don’t know anyone that hasn’t been deeply affected, either themselves, their best friend or close family member, by Cancer… We are thrilled to support a cause that uses funds donated to raise awareness, to do research, to promote prevention and to support sufferers.

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It Is This Easy

A little while back we got our instagram friends to join us for a cup tea each afternoon… I was battling to get the bookshelves sorted so cried out to our instagram friends – a shelf a day and cup of tea and a quick quiet read as a reward. I quickly discovered what a supportive collection of followers we have… So here’s the thing starting tomorrow we will be sharing a cup of tea on our instagram feed each day for the next se7en+1 days… you are welcome to take a picture and load it up and join us… once, twice… Se7en + 1 times… somedays we will have friends over, some days we will bake and some days… well, we will just go with the flow. Everyday we plan to post a photograph on instagram and tag it: #se7ensCuppaforCANSA

Some Very Exciting Tips


Tip #1: If you decide to have a couple of friends over for tea and to donate some funds for a CuppaforCANSA… then LeCreuset has a fantastic Host a #cuppaforCANSA Competition that you will want to enter… The closing date is the 31 October 2014, and you can find all the details here…


Tip #2: And if you feel a need, and we often do, to bake with your cup of tea… then look no further than our friends over at Yuppie Chef, they have a fantastic Baking Challenge happening right now… Remember that Free Baking Class we were raving on about, well bake anything from lesson four, three fool proof cakes to choose from… and it’s Yuppie Chef, you can count on fabulous fabulous prizes for everyone… Yuppie Chef’s Baking Challenge #YCbakingchallenge closes on Sunday 26 October 2014… check out all the details right here.

Everything you Need to Know About Hosting a Tea Party

In a Nutshell

Tell us in the comments if you are going to join us for tea, or days later if you have joined us for tea. If you are on instagram or twitter… and use the hashtag #se7ensCuppaforCancer. If you do join us for tea and would like donate to this cause… click on the box below. Donate away… even the smallest amount is a welcome amount… Join us, and let us know… #se7ensCuppaforCancer

9 Replies to ““Tis the Season for a Cuppa for CANSA… #Se7ensCuppaforCANSA”

  1. What a great idea! I’ll definitely join you for tea every day (what’s new?) and will try to take creative pics (!!!). And I’ll donate.

    Now I’m trying to think if inviting a family over for lunch on Sat qualifies as “hosting a party” if I bake something and make them pay 🙂

  2. Hay Marcia… I know, we are committed now… to creating a tea pic every day. Not to mention young folk jumping up and down to create awesome goodies to eat… And as for charging your family for tea – well if anyone can you can!!!

  3. Oh Mrs FF, I love your photographs… well done on joining in, it is so good to have friends following along!!! Hope you have the most amazing week!!!

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