The Sketchbook Project 2015: Before and After…

Every year we join in The Sketchbook Project, it is a project with the Brooklyn Art Gallery that sends folk all over the world a moleskin type notebook to fill in and return. We have been doing this project for a number of years, it is really our most fun creative project each year and we look forward to it again and again…

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The Sketchbook Project 2015

This arrived way back in December… and usually it is due in the first week of January, for some reason we were given three extra months to fill it in before returning it to its library. Plenty of time to work on it… slow and steady and all that!!!

se7en - 250315 - 2396.jpg

Well who actually works like that, it wasn’t until the deadline arrived this week that we leaped into gear and we have been crazily busy making and creating…Our Instagram feed has been filled with sketchbook project pictures all week…

se7en - 300315 - 2568.jpg

In the past we have worked on each spread… and once it was finished moved on to the next one… this year we tried a different approach.

se7en - 280315 - 2535.jpg

We tried to get something onto each page, fill in the background – anything really, just something onto each page. After that game all the sticking and gluing… and then only a wander through with a black marker. We could have done more of course, this is the sort of project that there is always more you can do… but by having something on each page and layering the project throughout we were able to simplify and strategise on the final day – always a good thing when the deadline is looming!!!

se7en - 300315 - 2563.jpg

The Before and After Book:

This year’s book is called “BEFORE and AFTER” it was going to be a book filled with recycling projects, but as it got going other “before and after” events started creeping in to the pages and an entirely different book emerged…

se7en - 310315 - 0086.jpg

se7en - 310315 - 0088.jpg

se7en - 310315 - 0091.jpg

se7en - 310315 - 0161.jpg

se7en - 310315 - 0093.jpg se7en - 310315 - 0094.jpg

se7en - 310315 - 0095.jpg se7en - 310315 - 0096.jpg

se7en - 310315 - 0099.jpg

se7en - 310315 - 0104.jpg

se7en - 310315 - 0106.jpg

se7en - 310315 - 0108.jpg

se7en - 310315 - 0109.jpg

se7en - 310315 - 0113.jpg

se7en - 310315 - 0115.jpg

se7en - 310315 - 0120.jpg

se7en - 310315 - 0130.jpg

se7en - 310315 - 0124.jpg se7en - 310315 - 0126.jpg se7en - 310315 - 0128.jpg

se7en - 310315 - 0132.jpg

se7en - 310315 - 0136.jpg

se7en - 310315 - 0142.jpg

se7en - 310315 - 0143.jpg

se7en - 310315 - 0145.jpg

se7en - 310315 - 0150.jpg

se7en - 310315 - 0153.jpg

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11 Replies to “The Sketchbook Project 2015: Before and After…”

  1. It would be hard to say this is my favorite sketchbook yet, because goodness I have loved them all… but you know, it just might be! Fantastic work, gang!

  2. Oh Tiffany, Thank you so much. So glad you enjoyed it, I had so many more ideas all saved and ready for next year!!! Hope you have a fantastic long weekend!!!

  3. Oh Christi, you are just so good to us, it is so much easier to work hard at a project when you know someone is cheering you on!!! Hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend!!!

  4. Oh Marcia, Thank you, it was so much fun, abandoned the world for a couple of days and went for it. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!

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