Se7en’s April… Your Free Printable Calendar….


Welcome to April and here is your free printable calendar… click on it and it should open in a fresh window, print it landscape and colour away. We add a couple of dates we especially want to remember to our calendar before we pop it onto our noticeboard.

se7en - 020415 - 2015001.jpg

4 Replies to “Se7en’s April… Your Free Printable Calendar….”

  1. For the second year I use the information from your calendar for my school poster. I and my pupils find it very interesting and amusing as weel. But just today one girl told me, that Hans Christian Andersen was not born in 1875. That is the year when he died.
    Thank you for your calendars.

  2. Hay Vida, So good to hear from you… I am so impressed to hear that you use our calendar for school. Thank you so much fro that tip as well. Hope you are having a great weekend!!!

  3. Sorry for not being perciese. You had the right information. It was 2nd April, but the year was wrong. He was born in 1805. Love your blog.

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