Guess How Much I Love You is Twenty Years Old…

Today is International Children’s Book Day and the perfect day to celebrate The Twentieth Anniversary of Guess How Much I Love You…

One of Our Best Books Ever…

This little book is one of our all time favourites… we received it as a baby present for Hood #1 and we never looked back. We read it over and over and over again… in fact it is one of those books that we love and adore and that we all know off by heart.

se7en - 020415 - 0192.jpg

A Book Party in a Bag…

Turns out that “Guess how much I love you” is twenty years old and PanMacmillan South Africa sent us a party in a bag to celebrate…

se7en - 020415 - 0187.jpg

Our rabbits very quickly joined in…

se7en - 020415 - 0241.jpg

So did everyone else and our afternoon was looking up…

se7en - 020415 - 0195.jpg

se7en - 020415 - 0226.jpg

Actions Speak Louder Than Words…

This is a delightful bedtime book, to be read peacefully as your child drifts off to sleep… well actually in our house it has always been a bit of a get the wriggles out before bed… kind of a book over here!!!

se7en - 020415 - 0204.jpg

se7en - 020415 - 0211.jpg

se7en - 020415 - 0219.jpg

Some Serious Colouring…

There are heaps of fun printable to colour on the Guess How Much I Love You Website.

se7en - 020415 - 2672.jpg

se7en - 020415 - 0222.jpg

se7en - 020415 - 0224.jpg

se7en - 020415 - 0228.jpg


And we made some hugs…

se7en - 020415 - 2666.jpg

Hand prints… and lengths of string measured from finger tip to finger tip of little outstretched arms…

se7en - 020415 - 0259.jpg

Followed by cups of tea and a read… because this book is all about being read again. Guess How Much I Love You is very much one of those especially delightful books that are good at transforming a very ordinary afternoon into an extra-ordinary one.

se7en - 020415 - 0199.jpg

Thank you so much PanMacmillan South Africa, we were thrilled to receive your “Guess How Much I Love You” treats. This is not a sponsored post and the opinions expressed are all our own.

8 Replies to “Guess How Much I Love You is Twenty Years Old…”

  1. WOW!! You guys have THEE Best Library system, or Library events I have ever encountered! We decided recently it’s time for our small family to move back to the “Big City”…One of the things I am MOST Excited to go back to is our local 3 different Pubic Libraries that have soo many activities for kids! I loved this book more than the kids ever did. Thank you for always sharing such amazing content.

  2. Hay Jeanine, that sounds like a very exciting move. Three libraries in your area is really quite impressive and sounds like you will all be busy as can be in the best bookish way. Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!!!

  3. This was one of the first I read to my daughter who is now 20. It was not even in a book, but published in a magazine – can’t remember which one – and I kept it to read to her every night for years. Adding more children necessiated buying the book for them too. Precious memories.

  4. Mrs FF… I am so surprised to hear that… go and find it you and your sweet gal will love love love it!!! It is one of those books that is magical for little people and their grown-ups!!! Happy hunting!!!

  5. Hay Wendy… Wow, you are the history. This is right up there in favorite of favorites… All of mine will stop what they are doing to hear this one read again and again!!!

  6. Hay Cat, so good to have you stop by!!! How sweet is that story and one to carry in your heart from tiny to grown up!!! Hope you all have a fun weekend!!!

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