World Book Day And A HeartWarming Story…

Once a year on World Book Giving Day we initiate a project with our readers to create a library for a school or community in need in our area. It has turned out to be a fantastic project and one that we look forward to. It is exciting for all of us to call for books and to watch folk give from their hearts. We love the gathering of books, we love the commitment of our readers and we love handing the books over on their behalf. A month ago, thanks to our incredible readers, we delivered heaps of books to a local school in desperate need of books for a school library.

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And yet the books continue to pour in. Meanwhile, I have been saving this heartwarming bookish story to share with you all on…

World Book Day

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A week or two back a reader of ours popped me an email to say they were in Cape Town, and could they meet up because they had a suitcase of books to deliver, for our library project. A suitcase of books? How wonderful. They were visiting Cape Town… all the way from France. They had asked their friends at church if they had any books for our library and they did… lots and lots of fantastic books. Can you believe it… all these books traveled across the world from France… for children to read in a Cape Town school. Something about the whole effort that goes into getting books across the world to kids in our part of the world just touches my heart and I can’t thank our readers enough for their support.

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I have to say that our children where delighted to meet their children… and the feeling may have been mutual. An evening amble together and we may have made friends for life. Turns out that they are also Sonlighters, and use the same homeschool curriculum as our family… turns out it is a small world after all. Books brought us together, and with our school days filled with reading the same books on different continents these children had a lot in common from the get go. Firm friends were made and books brought them together.

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6 Replies to “World Book Day And A HeartWarming Story…”

  1. I adore that they brought it all the way from FRANCE!!!

    I want to take my kids to France, hire a house in the countryside for a week and buy baguettes and cheese til we’re sick of it 🙂

  2. Oh Marcia, I have a dream… and France is definitely on the list… to this end our kids learn French for school. I firmly believe that dreams don’t just happen, I am quite happy to plan them!!! Hope you are enjoying this lovely long weekend!!!

  3. Mrs FF, Isn’t the whole thing just lovely… I tell you sometimes a tiny little blog post asking for books can just evolve into a something so much bigger. It is incredible really!!! Hope you are enjoying the lovely long weekend!!!

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